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Postby DARREN4963 » Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:50 pm

Do any members have experience of using a Uniden BCT15X and also either a DV1 or TRX-2

I currently have both a BCT15X and a UBC9000XLT and consider both very good scanners however I am tempted on upgrading.

I don't really do digital stuff so that is not a big factor and my main interest is Civil air band.

I understand any radio is only as good as its antenna to a certain extent and have tested my bct15x along side my Kenwood ts2000x ham transceiver that has been opened up to receive civ air and using the same antenna (Diamond v2000) which is a 2mtr ham antenna but will work sufficiently enough on civ air I found although the ts2000 is a £1.5k transceiver the 15x actually outperformed it on civ air reception.

So my question is has anyone who has experience of the dv1 and trx-2 alongside a 15x noticed any big difference in sensitivity. As the 15x does appear to be very sensitive.

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Postby Staffs Paul » Wed Oct 04, 2017 2:20 pm

To be fair in my opinion I dont think either are the best at receive quality and sensitivity

For analogue it is probably the BCT15X as both the DV1 and TRX2 are not very good analogue scanners and for DMR then the TRX2 does beat the DV1 IMHO on audio quality though the DV1 is easier to use and search from the keypad.
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