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Re: Kettering

Postby m0lsx » Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:12 am

SilverShadow wrote: No group ID's or encryption etc. are allowed just frequency and colour code.
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Re: Kettering

Postby Minus1 » Thu Apr 13, 2017 9:21 am

Group IDs and encryption are two entirely separate things.

Talk Groups IDs are just the automated digital version of a callsign.
There is no conceptual difference between a spoken callsign like "Heathrow Tower" and a Talk Group ID like "9602" that can easily be attributed to a given group of users, or a User ID that can easily be attributed to a particular user.

Encryption cannot be bypassed by us mere plebs anyway, so there is no point in declaring it "banned".
I reserve the right to ignore people who have made no attempt to the read the manual, and expect others to do it for them.
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Re: Kettering

Postby G4RMT » Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:55 am

I think that at least a couple of my clients would be pretty annoyed if their encryption code was made present on the internet, and I support that opinion too. The thing is that while most forum users are regulars, and hopefully responsible, we often get topics wanting transmission data to stick in a code plug, and the only reason I can think they want that is to access that system. With upgrades to software, as in promiscuous mode, these things are not a critical as perhaps they once were, but each forum decides where the line gets drawn, and this one made it quite clear where the line is. A few people chip away, moaning about it and grumbling about how stupid the rule is, how easy it is to get around it but the simple fact remains - we don't do it. Other forums do, and that's fine. I cannot speak for the people who run this forum, but it's their ball and they choose who plays. I respect their opinion, but others don't. Forums are a community, and every community has a few who want change, and don't like it when it doesn't happen. That's just life isn't it? Bit by bit, radio is becoming secure(ish), and the speed it goes depends on the idiots. Somebody getting the colour code access details for stopwatch 'off the shelf' on a forum can then do their shoplifting with impunity, knowing far more about the security than they should. I don't think the scroats should have their life made easier for them. Plenty of forum members see somebody join and then ask for frequencies for specific users. Sometimes I even know them, but until that person has made a few useful posts, I don't know them at all, and have no opinion about them.

Can we stop the squabbling over a rule that has been stated quite a few times - it's getting like Brexit now. People continually whining over a done deal. If you feel anything goes, then this is not that kind of forum. There are others, but I like it here, can live with the rules - and when you join you do agree to follow them, so just do it, please.
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Re: Kettering

Postby bigboyblue » Fri Apr 14, 2017 9:53 pm

I am also with Andrew on this one.

As a supplier, and as I have said before, colour codes, and group codes are NOT encryption. Quite why people are spreading that they are, is beyond me. It just shows a total lack of knowledge on the part of those people. The Motorola radio planner guide has been out in the wild for years, and clearly explains the concept of colour codes, and RAS and encryption, to those who need to refresh themselves.

If a supplier is telling their clients that these codes ARE encryption, then they need to be told that their supplier is dishonest, and they should change supplier immediately.

The only thing that shouldn't be put on here are RAS codes (which nobody can get hold of anyway, bar being the one who programmed the network), and encryption keys, which the same applies to.

It appears that those that are scaremongering aren't suppliers. well, here it is from the horses mouth - any decent supplier puts RAS and encryption onto the system from the outset - and gives those details to the client under a confidentiality agreement. They password the programming, and they ensure the latest firmware is on the clients network when its deployed - and go back and update it if they need to. On mototrbo, basic privacy / encryption doesn't degrade voice quality, and doesn't cost any more to deploy. Its not as robust as enhanced, but it serves a purpose - to keep scanners out.
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