London Control transmitter locations

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Re: London Control transmitter locations

Postby Minus1 » Thu Mar 12, 2020 5:40 pm

shatnersbassoon wrote:Great information, thanks Minus1. I hadn't though of looking on the OS maps.
I suppose the best way of finding out what each transmitter is broadcasting is to camp out nearby and have a listen.

I'm making an assumption that the Winstone transmitter is the one I can hear. The others look to be further away.
Do you happen to know if the transmitters are slightly directional or use a different power depending on the area they might be providing a service to?

For example, I can hear 134.750(Cotswold/Brecon) clear as a bell, I can also hear another ground station on 135.??? I can't remember the exact freq and I think this is bandboxed? with 134.750 as it's sometimes the same transmission, but it's not quite as clear most of the time.
Assuming they are sent by the same transmitter, should the transmitting signal be of the same strength?

None of this makes much difference, but it's interesting to know where these transmission originate.

Cheers, Matt

I've not noticed any directional antennas, but I haven't closely observed every site. Certainly those at "Trimmingham" (actually nearer to Overstrand) appear to be omni-directional. You'd think being on the North Norfolk coast and covering much of the North Sea it would beam north-ish, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Multiple antennas are situated around (four) sides of the mast, so there might be some effect caused by that.

135.25 ("135:255"), it may be bandboxed sometimes, I can't recall.
Not necessarily the same strength, remember that airspace is three-dimensional — one might be intended to cover a smaller area (e.g. a lower altitude) so doesn't need so much power.
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Re: London Control transmitter locations

Postby Chris P » Fri Mar 13, 2020 10:03 am

Most of the VHF antennas on the tx sites that I have visited are folded dipoles which are omnidirectional again with four at each elevation . The UHF antennas appear to be a form of wideband ground plane again these are omnidirectional .

interestingly one of the masts at chedburgh (and the tallest) is of wooden construction with VHF antennas at the highest positions and uhf at lower heights
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