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Swanwick ATC Frequencies

PostPosted: Sat Oct 21, 2017 9:06 am
by mez7000
Hi All
Been having a tidy up of my Swanwick ATC frequencies on my scanner, which I've compiled by sector taken from the UK Scanning Director, Milscanners and a few google searches.

I tend to pick up chatter on the majority of them, some such as Seaford I rarely hear if ever!

I'm hoping this is a concise list, but please feel free to assist and comment on them if there's anything dubious. My list doesn't have Sector 30 and 31 - should there be frequencies for these areas?

132.8416 S1 UPPER WEST
127.425 S2 UPPER EAST
132.8583 S4 LAKES SOUTH
133.6 S5 BRECON
126.075 S6 BERRY HEAD
135.5416 S6 BERRY HEAD 2
135.5833 S7 WIRRAL
129.375 S8 STRUMBLE
133.225 S8 STRUMBLE 2
132.95 S9 LANDS END
128.125 S10 N SEA WEST
126.775 S11 N SEA SOUTH
133.9416 S12 CLACTON E
128.1583 S13 CLACTON W
118.4 S14 CLACTON
134.9 S15 DOVER HIGH
134.45 S16 DOVER LOW
128.425 S17 LYDD
135.325 S18 SEAFORD
135.05 S19 HURN EAST
129.425 S20 HURN W
132.3 S21 HURN LOW
127.825 S22 HURN/WORTHNG
134.3916 S23 DAVENTRY
134.75 S23 BRISTOL
134.4583 S24 UPPER SOUTH
132.1666 S25 MIDDLE WEST
131.125 S27 DAVENTRY S
127.1083 S28 DAVENTRY N
118.775 S29 MANC ATC
135.425 S32 DAVENTRY S
129.2 S32 DAVENTRY S
127.875 S34 DAVENTRY N
135.25 S35 BRECON UPP
128.8166 S36 BERRY HEAD

Thank you


Re: Swanwick ATC Frequencies

PostPosted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 9:09 am
by Minus1
It would be so much easier for everyone to compare this against their lists if it was in alphabetical order … :rolleyes:

Re: Swanwick ATC Frequencies

PostPosted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:04 am
by mez7000
Minus1 wrote:It would be so much easier for everyone to compare this against their lists if it was in alphabetical order … :rolleyes:

Lets hope this makes life easier! :biggrin:

BERRY HEAD S6 126.075
BERRY HEAD S36 128.8166
BERRY HEAD 2 S6 135.5416
BRECON S5 133.6
BRECON UPP S35 135.25
BRISTOL S23 134.75
CLACTON S14 118.4
CLACTON W S13 128.1583
CLACTON E S12 133.9416
DAVENTRY S23 134.3916
DAVENTRY N S28 127.1083
DAVENTRY N S34 127.875
DAVENTRY S S27 131.125
DAVENTRY S S32 135.425
DAVENTRY S S32 129.2
DOVER HIGH S15 134.9
DOVER LOW S16 134.45
HURN EAST S19 135.05
HURN LOW S21 132.3
HURN W S20 129.425
LAKES SOUTH S4 132.8583
LANDS END S9 132.95
LYDD S17 128.425
MANC ATC S29 118.775
MIDDLE WEST S25 132.1666
N SEA SOUTH S11 126.775
N SEA WEST S10 128.125
SEAFORD S18 135.325
STRUMBLE S8 129.375
STRUMBLE 2 S8 133.225
UPPER EAST S2 127.425
UPPER SOUTH S24 134.4583
UPPER WEST S1 132.8416
WIRRAL S7 135.5833

Re: Swanwick ATC Frequencies

PostPosted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:09 pm
by Minus1

I think you mean 118.475 for Clacton sector?
Daventry S28 is channel '127.105' - so 127.100 MHz
Dover Low S16 is channel '134.460' so 134.4666 MHz

132.3 is Western Radar not Hurn Low

I think "133.225 Strumble" is wrong.

You seem to be missing many LTMA freqs:

Re: Swanwick ATC Frequencies

PostPosted: Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:38 pm
by pnoelw
Hi mez7000

The following is where your list varies with mine. complete lists are difficult to compile and hi and low level maps/charts would be a great help. I found the following to be useful but not sure it's 100% accurate ... 291297&z=7

freq channel
118.4750 S14 clacton west 118.480
118.7750 scottish?
127.1000 S28 daventry n 127.105
128.1250 S10 lakes
128.8166 S36 exmor
129.2000 S27 daventry s
131.1250 TC nw arrivals
132.3000 western radar?
134.9000 S15 dover low
135.2500 S35 pembroke
135.4250 TC logan sector
135.5750 S7 135.580

136.6000 S16 dover hi

Hope the above retains formatting!

Re: Swanwick ATC Frequencies

PostPosted: Mon Oct 23, 2017 5:31 pm
by mez7000
Thanks Guys for your help. The sector location map is great as I've been looking for something like that for a while.

Couple of questions!

Should I change my step from 8.333khz as I believe this makes the difference with some of the frequencies I have.

Also I've noticed the following
HURN LOW 132.30 is the same as Western Radar in the 2016 Directory - which is correct?
DAVENTRY S 131.125 same as TC NW Arrivals ?
DAVENTRY S 131.425 same as TC Logan Sector?
STRUMBLE 133.225 - taken from the 2016 Directory

I've got to add the LTMA frequencies so they will come in useful!

Again many thanks and much appreciated help!