Airband newbie - inverness/highlands/moray

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Airband newbie - inverness/highlands/moray

Postby julietmike84 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 9:24 am

Hi guys and girls

I’ve just bought a Uniden UBC125XLT mainly for airband listening. As the subject title says I’m a newbie to airband.

Can anyone help me out with some frequencies for the inverness/highlands/moray areas please? I’m a lorry driver so I’m out and about all day.

Many thanks
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Re: Airband newbie

Postby Minus1 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 10:33 am

Inverness Airport
118.4 AM EGPE Inverness Tower
122.35 AM EGPE Signature Inverness
122.6 AM EGPE Inverness Approach
447.725 NFM Inverness Airport
447.7875 NFM Inverness Airport
447.8125 NFM Inverness Airport
455.7125 NFM Inverness Airport
455.775 NFM Inverness Airport
455.8125 NFM Inverness Airport

Scottish ATC (transmitter at Windyheads Hill east of Macduff (not sure which freqs use that, but have eliminated those that probably don't from this list)
129.225 may be your best bet
119.875 AM EGPX Scottish Info (not 24h) ^LowtherHill?
121.325 AM EGPX Scottish ATC SE — North Sea Area (Humber sector)
125.1 AM Scottish ???
125.95 AM Scottish Upper ATC ?
128.625 AM rptd Scottish ATC standby
128.675 AM EGPX Scottish ATC (<FL245)
129.225 AM EGPX Scottish Hi NE,Orkney,Shetland (Moray sector?)
132.49166 AMn '132.490' EGPX Scottish ATC (Montrose North High?)
132.725 AMn '132.730' EGPX Scottish (Central Hi) ERAKA
133.675 AM EGPX Scottish ATC Upper (Hebrides sector)
133.875 AM EGPX Scottish NE ( East Coast Hi / Standby)
134.775 AM EGPX Scottish FIS Hi ('C' sector)
136.575 AM EGPX Scottish ATC (Upper <FL245)

RAF Lossiemouth
118.25 Gnd
118.9 Twr
119.575 LARS
234.875 Apr
264.775 ATIS

Swanik Mil
Again not sure on best freqs for your area but try these:
124.05 AM EGVV Swanik Mil (ICF Scotland East)
134.3 AM EGVV Swanik Mil ICF Scotland North West
136.375 AM EGVV Swanik Mil ICF East Scotland
233.325 AM EGVV Swanik Mil — Scotland W
234.5 AM EGVV Swanik Mil, East Scotland
256.725 AM EGVV Swanik Mil Scotland N STC
278.15 AM EGVV Swanik Military — Scotland W
282.625 AM EGVV Swanik Mil Scotland (ICF)
371.875 AM EGVV Swanik Mil

165.2375 NFM Cairngorm Chairlift, Highland
167.45 NFM Cairngorm Chairlift, Highland
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Re: Airband newbie

Postby julietmike84 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 1:56 pm

Much appreciated!!! I’ll put those In and see what’s what.
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