Great Dun Fell

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Great Dun Fell

Postby Minus1 » Mon Mar 25, 2019 9:11 am

For info, whilst up in Cumbria last week, I found the following frequencies being transmitted from the Great Dun Fell NATS site on the hills to the east of Penrith.
There is a tarmaced road up there, so you can walk /cycle if you feeling energetic! You can see the white radar dome from the M6 on a clear day.

125.475 London Information North (often bandboxed with London Info West & London Info East) (offset +7.5kHz)
126.6 London Volmet North (offset -5kHz) (It's also transmitted from Chedburgh in Suffolk)
No other civil ATC popped up.

282.125 Swanwick Mil NW ICF
277.775 Swanwick Mil NE ICF
251.25 Swanwick Mil "North" area (i.e Scotland) ICF
371.875 Swanwick Mil "North" area (i.e. Scotland)
No VHF freqs for Swanwick Mil that I could find.
I suspect there are other secondary UHF freqs for the NW and NE areas, but none popped up.
277.625 is not transmitted from GDF (It is from Kelsall)
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Re: Great Dun Fell

Postby Mark5R » Wed Mar 27, 2019 5:22 pm

Informative post thanks Minus1

I have been next to few VHF air ground based transmitters and got them on close call but not yet a UHF one, or at least not that I've picked up.
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Re: Great Dun Fell

Postby JGR » Wed Mar 27, 2019 9:40 pm

Thanks for that information, I have added one or two that I never had.
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