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Frequency mobile Mode Details Type County

085.3750 Nfm Bt engineer Other Antrim

086.0750 Nfm Driving Instructors Transport Antrim

118.300 Am Belfast (Aldergrove) Tower Air Antrim

121.750 Am Belfast (Aldergrove) Ground Air Antrim

122.825 AM Belfast City Tower Air Antrim

124.900 Am Belfast (Aldergrove) Approach Air Antrim

128.200 Am Belfast Aldergrove ATIS (ATIS) Air Antrim

128.500 Am Belfact (Aldergrove) Radar Air Antrim

130.750 Am Belfast City Airport Tower Air Antrim

130.850 Am Belfast City Airport Approach Air Antrim

131.400 Nfm Menzies Avation Belfast International Airport Air Antrim

136.625 Am Belfast City ATIS Air Antrim

145.6625 145.0625 Nfm Tor Head 2m repeater, GB3PK Amateur Antrim

155.4000 Nfm Psni Police Antrim

156.600 Nfm FM BELFAST HARBOUR Marine Antrim

156.700 Nfm Larne Port control+Whitegate Port+Rosslare
harb+Kinsale+Holyhead+Bellview/Limerick river pilots Marine Antrim

160.9000 Nfm Belfast Port Transport Antrim

161.0000 Nfm Bangor Port Marine Antrim

163.2250 Nfm Builders Other Antrim

163.970 fm taxi/skip lorrys Taxi Antrim

163.980 FM Taxi Antrim

164.960 fm belfast black taxis Taxi Antrim

166.2250 Nfm Belfast City Council Other Antrim

166.665 Nfm TAXIS Taxi Antrim

167.2625 Nfm Couriers+Premier Cabs (Clondalkin) Dublin Transport Antrim

169.2250 Nfm Bushmills Distillery Other Antrim

169.23750 Nfm bow street mail lisburn Security Antrim

264.800 AM Aldergrove Military Ops Air Antrim

452.5500 Nfm BStormont Castle security Security Antrim

453.025 Nfm Belfast city centre bouncers and police link
(Good on a saturday night) Security Antrim

453.060 fm Security Antrim

453.120 fm hospital Unknow Antrim

453.150 Nfm Lisburn retailers against crime+freight
handling at dublin port Dublin Security Antrim

453.7750 Wfm Belfast retailers against crime Security Antrim

456.050 Nfm Belfast Citybus Channel 2 communication (inspectors only)+H.S.E. Event channel
Dub,Kildare,Wicklow Transport Antrim

456.200 Nfm Citybus bus communication belfast Transport Antrim

456.2000 Nfm Citybus Transport Antrim

456.675 Nfm Castlecourt Security Belfast+ cleaners think foyleside (Derry) Security Antrim

462.2250 Nfm Belfast Zoo Other Antrim

477.275 Wfm Channel 4 sound, Divis (Ch 21+) Television Antrim

501.275 Wfm UTV sound, Divis transmitter (ch 24+) Television Antrim

525.275 Wfm BBC2 sound, Divis transmitter (ch
27+)+BBC2 sound, Brougher Mountain (ch
28+) Fermanagh Television Antrim

557.225 Wfm BBC1 sound, Divis transmitter (Ch 31-) Television Antrim

605.250 Wfm Channel Five sound, Black Mountain Ch37 Television Antrim
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