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Frequency mobile Mode Details Type County

084.650 Nfm Ambulance Control CW+WH+LS+WX+OY
Ambulance Mobile Emergency Carlow

129.9 Am Hacketstown Airfield Air Carlow

157.370 161.8700 Nfm Bridge Cabs Taxi Carlow

163.3875 158.8875 Nfm unknown taxi company Taxi Carlow

164.1600 Sfm Main Freq Garda Carlow

197.29 WFM RTE1 TV audio - Mt. Leinster transmitter Television Carlow

221.29 Nfm RTE2 TV audio - Mount Leinster TX Television Carlow

430.950 438.550 Nfm EI7MLR 70cms repeater (Mt Leinster) Amateur Carlow

453.0125 Nfm Security Carlow

462.025 Nfm dinn ri hotel security Security Carlow

468.4250 Nfm Carlow Ambulance - Mobile Side Emergency Carlow

487.2875 Nfm Arboretum Garden Center Other Carlow

493.291 wfm TG4 audio from Mt. Leinster (Ch23+) Television Carlow

517.25 Wfm TV3 audio - Mt Leinster (Ch26) Television Carlow

74.425 Nfm Ambulance Mobile Emergency Carlow

78.8875 Nfm Carlow taxi Taxi Carlow

79.275 Nfm Community Repeater Other Carlow

84.3625 Nfm Camp Fire Control+Oreil TX Louth+Fire
ctrl from Limk to Clonmel Fire Carlow
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