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Postby SilverShadow » Sat Nov 24, 2012 4:11 pm

164.435 Nfm fixed price Taxi Limerick Anonymous

164.4375 156.7 Nfm Taxi Company Taxi Limerick

164.4375 156.7 Nfm Taxi Company Taxi Limerick

164.5125 160.0125 Nfm Gala Cabs ( Liffey Valley ) Taxi Dublin

164.5250 160.0250 Nfm Wilton cabs Taxi Cork

164.550 160.0500 Nfm Rathfarnham Cabs/Grab-a-Cab/Orchard Cabs Taxi Dublin

164.6100 160.1100 Nfm based in ferrybank area Taxi Waterford

164.6200 Nfm Tullamore Cab company, can hear the
phone calls and the opperator, quite
busy. Taxi Offaly

164.625 Nfm econemy cabs Taxi Limerick

164.625 160.125 Nfm unknown taxi co Taxi Limerick

164.6400 Nfm taxi firm Taxi Tyrone

164.655 Nfm Unknown taxi company Taxi Cork

164.6625 160.1625 Nfm DJ cabs Douglas Taxi Cork

164.6875 160.1875 Nfm ARROW CABS BARRACK ST Taxi Cork

164.7 160.2 Nfm Unknown taxi company+Douglas Village
Shopping Centre Cork+Castletroy Cabs or
Campas Caps (base) Limk Taxi Limerick

164.7000 160.2000 Nfm Castletroy Cabs or Campas Caps (base) Taxi Limerick

164.7375 160.2375 Nfm BLUE CABS THOMAS DAVIS ST Taxi Cork

164.750 Nfm K Cabs+ Sligo garda base
station+Southside Cork city cab base Taxi Cork

164.7500 160.2500 Nfm Southside Cork city cab base Taxi Cork

164.775 Nfm treaty cabs Taxi Limerick

164.7875 160.2875 Nfm Unknown Taxi Company - Base Taxi Cork

164.850 160.350 Nfm EIRE CABS GLEN Taxi Cork

164.960 fm belfast black taxis Taxi Antrim

165.225 Nfm Waterford City Taxi Waterford

165.5 Nfm old delta now foyle delta voice to door
old delta office 170.3mhz Taxi Derry

165.5500 Nfm crazy cabs Taxi Tyrone

165.725 Nfm EURO strabane Taxi Tyrone

165.725 Nfm Euro cabs strabane Taxi Tyrone

166.0800 Nfm Taxi Kilkenny

166.290 Nfm Clonmel Taxi Taxi Tipperary

166.450 Nfm Taxi - Waterford City Taxi Waterford

166.500 Nfm taxi Taxi Tipperar

166.5625 171.3625 Nfm Dial A Cab ( Malahide) Taxi Dublin

166.625 Nfm Taxi Armagh

166.6375 Nfm Taxi Armagh

166.650 Nfm Cork Taxi Co op+Tyrone repeater Taxi Cork

166.650 171.450 Nfm TAXI CO-OP WASHINGTON ST Taxi Cork

166.665 5 Nfm TAXIS Taxi Antrim

166.6700 Nfm Crowes cabs tramore Taxi Waterford

166.715 Nfm Clonmel Taxi Taxi Tipperary

166.7375 Nfm derry taxi (roger dee) Taxi Derry

166.7500 171.5500 Nfm Near Cabs ( Drumcondra ) Taxi Dublin

166.800 171.600 Nfm City Cabs (Voice) Taxi Dublin

166.8000 171.6000 Nfm City Cabs Taxi Dublin

166.8625 171.6625 Nfm Busy City Centre Cab Company+Indian City
Express Couriers Dublin Taxi Limerick

166.8652 Nfm set price Taxi Limerick

166.9000 171.7000 Nfm Taxi 7 ( Walkinstown) Taxi Dublin

166.9750 Nfm strabane whitestar taxis Taxi Tyrone

167.1375 Nfm Unknown Taxi Company - Both Base &
Cab Taxi Cork

167.1650 Nfm sun taxis Taxi Tyrone

167.175 Nfm Taxi Armagh

167.212 172.012 Nfm LEE CABS POPES QUAY Taxi Cork

167.2125 Nfm unknown taxi company+Luas D18 Cabs
(Sandyford) Dublin Taxi Cork

167.21250 172.0125 Nfm Luas D18 Cabs (Sandyford) Taxi Dublin

167.2625 172.0625 Nfm Premier Cabs (Clondalkin) Taxi Dublin

167.3375 Nfm strabane mcshanes Taxi Tyrone

167.3400 Nfm strabane taxi Taxi Tyrone

167.7125 172.5125 Nfm HalfWay Cabs Taxi Dublin

167.8000 Nfm omagh taxis Taxi Tyrone

167.9625 172.7625 Nfm Joe Maxi Taxis (Rush) Taxi Dublin

168.0150 Nfm Unknown taxi company Taxi Galway

168.0500 172.8500 Nfm Grab A Cab/Rathfarnham Cabs/Orchard Cabs Taxi Dublin

168.0600 Nfm strand cabs tramore Taxi Waterford

168.2100 Nfm unknown taxi company Taxi Waterford

168.28 0 Nfm Unknown taxi base, Cobh Taxi Cork

168.325 Nfm Unknown Cork taxi company Taxi Cork

168.325 173.125 Nfm APOLLO CABS SOUTH MAIN ST+ Fitzer Cabs
Blanchardstown Dublin Taxi Cork

168.3250 173.1250 Nfm Fitzer Cabs Blanchardstown Taxi Dublin

168.335 Nfm Taxi Taxi Westmeath

168.45 Nfm Taxi Waterford

168.4625 Nfm taxi Ballyshannon Taxi Donegal

168.4875 173.2875 Nfm Cabs 2000 ( Swords) Taxi Dublin

168.4875 Nfm AMER CABS Mc.CURTAIN ST+Cabs 2000 (
Swords) Dublin Taxi Cork

168.4900 Nfm Cork City Taxi Cork

168.500 Nfm Portlaoise Taxi Laois
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Postby SilverShadow » Sat Nov 24, 2012 4:12 pm

Frequency mobile Mode Details Type County

168.525 Nfm Douglas Street Cabs Taxi Cork

168.5500 173.3500 Nfm Taxi 24 Taxi Dublin

168.5750 Nfm Unknown taxi company Taxi Galway

169.2625 Nfm Alpha Cabs Wexford Town Taxi Wexford

169.3000 Nfm Taxi Kilkenny

169.3125 Nfm Taxi Kilkenny

169.3150 Nfm Taxi Kilkenny

169.3250 Nfm Taxi Kilkenny

170.3500 Nfm taxi Taxi Tyrone

170.5250 Nfm Euro cabs drivers Taxi Tyrone

171.2625 Nfm Taxi Kilkenny

171.6625 123.0 Nfm Taxi Company Taxi Limerick

171.9375 Nfm Taxi - Both Sides (Sun Cabs???) Taxi Cork

173.0500 Nfm Taxi Kilkenny

173.1450 Nfm Taxi Kilkenny

173.1500 Nfm Taxi Kilkenny

173.2875 Nfm Unknown Taxi - Both Sides Taxi Cork

173.325 Nfm Unknown Taxi Company - Both Sides Taxi Cork

451.0125 465.0125 Nfm Nest Cabs (Cookoo's Nest ) Taxi Dublin

453.0875 Nfm Carrigaline cab (repeater) Taxi Cork

453.1000 Nfm Carrigaline area cabs (repeater) Taxi Cork

453.4375 459.9375 Nfm Local Cabs (Cabra) Taxi Dublin

456.5000 Nfm D 15 Cabs ( Blanchardstown ) Taxi Dublin

456.7625 462.2625 Nfm Orchard Cabs/Rathfarnham Cabs/Grab a Cab Taxi Dublin

457.0750 Nfm Clonee Cabs Taxi Dublin

457.1000 Nfm Celbridge Cabs Dublin + Kildare Taxi Kildare

457.1000 Nfm Celbridge Cabs Taxi Dublin

457.1875 Nfm Lucan Cabs Taxi Dublin

457.3125 Nfm Lucan Taxi Co-op Taxi Dublin

457.325 Nfm Forth Mountain UHF Repeater - Two-way
radio Taxi Wexford

457.3300 Nfm Gorey taxi's Taxi Waterford

457.6875 463.1875 Nfm Network Taxis Taxi Dublin

457.725 Nfm Forth Mtn Repeater Taxi Wexford

467.180 Nfm Unknown taxi company Taxi Cork

595.840 Nfm Unknown taxi company Taxi Cork

68.8 Nfm private taxi company always in dublin
airport Taxi Dublin

73.425 Nfm Speedy Cabs Taxi Kerry

73.510 Nfm unknown taxi in clonmel Taxi Tipperary

75.2125 Nfm dundalk cabs Taxi Louth

75.7875 Nfm ballinasloe Taxi Taxi Galway

76.9750 Nfm Swift Cabs Mallow ctcss 107.2 Taxi Cork

77.085 Nfm taxi company in falcarragh donegal Taxi Donegal

77.260 Nfm mullingar taxi Taxi Westmeath

78.5500 Nfm Barna Cabs Taxi Galway

78.8875 Nfm Carlow taxi Taxi Carlow

78.9250 69.2000 Nfm Taxi Stop / Link Taxis (Harts Corner
Glasnevin ) Taxi Dublin

79.4000 Nfm Busy taxi service in Wicklow town Taxi Wicklow

79.4500 Nfm Tralee Taxi Kerry

79.650 Nfm Taxi Clonmel Taxi Tipperary

79.6500 Wfm cara cabs 377077 Taxi Waterford

79.660 Nfm West Cork..? Clonakilty area Taxi Cork

80.265 Nfm taxi company in falcarragh donegal Taxi Donegal

80.3125 Nfm avenue cabs Taxi Louth

81.6900 71.6900 Nfm 851000 cabs Taxi Waterford

81.700 Nfm mullingar taxi Taxi Westmeath

81.700 Nfm Mullingar taxi Taxi Westmeath

81.79 Nfm Murphy Cabs Bray Taxi Wicklow

83.24 Nfm Balybofey Taxi drivers Taxi Donegal

83.3125 Nfm Tralee Taxi Kerry

83.3375 83.3375 Nfm Drums Taxi Taxi Tipperary

83.350 Nfm ABC cabs Taxi Monaghan

83.5000 Nfm Claddagh Cabs Taxi Galway

83.650 Nfm Mallow based can be heard in Tra;ee Taxi Cork

83.6500 Nfm Tralee Taxi Kerry

83.8000 Nfm Classic Cabs (Sutton/Baldoyle) Taxi Dublin

84.212 Nfm Taxi (Tralee area) Taxi Kerry

86.025 Nfm Naas Taxi Kildare
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