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Frequency mobile Mode Details Type County

078.9625 Nfm Billy Keogh Skip Hire Other Waterford

084.3875 Nfm Co. Waterford Fire Service Fire Waterford

084.7500 Nfm Ambulance Control Emergency Waterford

085.4875 Nfm Waterford taxi 877710 Taxi Waterford

087.2875 Nfm Taxi - Waterford City - (repeater) Taxi Waterford

121.150 am Waterford Airport ATIS Air Waterford

129.85 Am Waterford Tower+Donegal Air traffic
control (Tower) Air Waterford

144.403 CW EI2WRB beacon Donnells Hill, Portlaw Amateur Waterford

145.6750 145.0750 Nfm 2 Metre repeater - Faha, Helvick Hd
Dungarvan (WLR mast) Amateur Waterford

150.0500 Nfm Forum Theatre Security Waterford

153.2500 Nfm waterford regional hospital Emergency Waterford

153.2500 Nfm Waterford Regional Hospital pager Pager Waterford

156.475 Nfm Belview Port Crane Operations, Channel
56 Belview Port Transport Waterford

156.7000 Nfm belview port pilots channel Marine Waterford

158.71 Nfm unknown taxi service Taxi Waterford

158.7200 Nfm unknown taxi service Taxi Waterford

159.7250 Nfm Waterford Talk-Through Input Garda Waterford

161.775 157.175 Nfm Mine Head Coastguard Radio. (Marine
Ch.83) Marine Waterford

163.2100 158.7100 Nfm unknown taxi service Taxi Waterford

164.0900 Nfm tramore gardai (kilo echo) strongest
signal+ dundalk gadai mobile beats
handheld(Louth) Garda Waterford

164.225 Nfm Waterford "Alpha"+Navan Gardai
relay, Slane+Ballinamore Leitrim Garda Waterford

164.3500 Nfm Garda Garda Waterford

164.6100 160.1100 Nfm based in ferrybank area Taxi Waterford

164.9000 Wfm tramore gardai Garda Waterford

165.225 Nfm Waterford City Taxi Waterford

165.2875 Nfm ESB Telemetry signal Gracedieu+Hill top
mast near ovens Cork Other Waterford

165.3000 Nfm ESB Telemetry contol signal,
Carronadavderg Hill Other Waterford

166.450 Nfm Taxi - Waterford City Taxi Waterford

166.6700 Nfm Crowes cabs tramore Taxi Waterford

168.0600 Nfm strand cabs tramore Taxi Waterford

168.2100 Nfm unknown taxi company Taxi Waterford

168.45 Nfm Taxi Waterford

27.901 Nfm Newtown (Waterford city) Church Radio Hf Waterford

433.275 434.875 Nfm Waterford City 70cm Repeater from WLR-FM
mast at Carrickpherish Amateur Waterford

446.056 Nfm PMR MUSIC UNKNOWN Other Waterford

457.3300 Nfm Gorey taxi's Taxi Waterford

459.2500 Nfm unidentified factory Pager Waterford

462.2500 Nfm waterford fire station Fire Waterford

464.7500 Nfm Traffic Wardens Transport Waterford

466.0700 Nfm holy family church broadcast Other Waterford

466.5300 Nfm waterford airport groundstaff handhelds Air Waterford

466.660 Nfm crane operations for construction
company Other Waterford

468.1875 Nfm HSE UHF link from Kilnafarna Hill, west
Waterford. Transmits continuously with
pilot tone Emergency Waterford

468.2500 Nfm waterford ambulance Emergency Waterford

733.29 fm RTE1 TV sound, Dungarvan relay Television Waterford

74.125 Nfm Waterford Fire Service, some lists
suggest mobile repeater Fire Waterford

765.29 wfm RTE2 TV Sound, Dungarvan relay Television Waterford

79.6500 Wfm cara cabs 377077 Taxi Waterford

81.6900 71.6900 Nfm 851000 cabs Taxi Waterford

813.29 wfm TG4 sound, Dungarvan relay Television Waterford

84.0875 Nfm Same audio as 164.225 Garda Waterford

84.3875 74.1625 Nfm Waterford county fire brigades making
contact with Limerick control Fire Waterford

861.22 fm BBC1 TV sound receiveable in West
Waterford (from Comeraghs) ch 69- Television Waterford
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