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Frequency mobile Mode Details Type County

084.4625 Nfm Wex. Co.Council + TRAFFIC WARDENS! Transport Wexford

084.5250 Nfm Wexford Fire (Base & Mobile) Fire Wexford

123.750 am Airfield Taghmon Air Wexford

144.800 Nfm APRS Amateur Wexford

155.350 Am Air Ops - Sierra Whiskey 99 (South Wales
Air Support) Operations Channel. (Get
your antenna on roof! Emergency Wexford

156.300 Nfm Rescue Ops & marine Marine Wexford

156.3750 Nfm Rosslare Coastgaurd Marine Wexford

156.600 Nfm Rescue Ops & active marine Marine Wexford

156.7000 Nfm Rosslare Harbour Marine Wexford

156.800 Nfm Ch16: Marine "Calling" channel Marine Wexford

157.1500 Nfm Rosslare Coastguard (Ch23) Marine Wexford

158.6625 Nfm Courtown Lifeboat /Courtown Boathouse+ Regular Garda ops on this
frequency(Wexford) Marine Wexford

161.750 157.150 Nfm Rosslare Coastguard Radio. (Marine Ch.
23) Marine Wexford

161.7500 Nfm Rosslare Coastgaurd Marine Wexford

162.675 Nfm Ship freight handling at Rosslare
Harbour (repeater) Marine Wexford

163.4500 Nfm wexford rally 2007 Transport Wexford

164.0375 159.5375 Nfm mike delta Garda Wexford

164.1375 Nfm Wexford Town Gardai - "Mike Alpha" Garda Wexford

165.025 Nfm Wexford Fire Service Pagers Pager Wexford

165.3625 FM Securtiy firm I think Unknow Wexford

165.3625 FM Some sort of Security Firm in Wexford. Security Wexford

166.600 Nfm securior security Security Wexford

167.300 172.1 Nfm Wexford Ambulance Base (Uplink) Emergency Wexford

169.2625 Nfm Alpha Cabs Wexford Town Taxi Wexford

27.745 Nfm New Ross church broadcasts Hf Wexford

451.9875 Nfm Wexford General Hospital Security/Porters Security Wexford

454.6875 Nfm C+D Tower Crane (New Theatre Royal) Transport Wexford

457.325 Nfm Forth Mountain UHF Repeater - Two-way radio Taxi Wexford

457.350 Nfm Forth Mtn Repeater Other Wexford

457.5250 Nfm On-board ship handhelds(Rosslare) Marine Wexford

457.550 Nfm Ship Ops - Stena Line+Ch.3 - International Marine On-Board+Rosslare
ship handhelds Marine Wexford

457.5500 Nfm On-board ship handhelds(Rosslare) Marine Wexford

457.5750 Nfm On-board ship handhelds(Rosslare) Marine Wexford

457.725 Nfm Forth Mtn Repeater Taxi Wexford

463.0500 Nfm On-board ship handhelds(Rosslare) Marine Wexford

82.4625 Nfm Wexford Borough Council + Traffic Wardens Security Wexford

83.95 Nfm mike delta (low band) Garda Wexford
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