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Frequency mobile Mode Details Type County

026.995 Nfm Pager tones (no voice heard) from Mercy
Hospital, Cork city Pager Cork

137.9750 Nfm UK pager network (data bursts) can be
audible on South coast Pager NationWide

138.0750 Nfm UK pager network (data bursts),can be
audible on the south coast Pager NationWide

153 Nfm Eirpage Pager Mayo

153.0000 Nfm national paging - POCSAG data, no voice Pager NationWide

153.1750 Nfm St James's Hospital Pger system (Voice
& Data) Pager Dublin

153.176 Wfm Pager Mullingar Hospital Pager Westmeath

153.2500 Nfm Waterford Regional Hospital pager Pager Waterford

153.3000 Nfm UCHG Pagers Pager Galway

153.3250 Nfm UK pager network ('FLEX' protocol -
transmits continuosly). Receiveable in
Cork city during lifts Pager NationWide

153.425 Nfm Cork University hospital
pager+ Mid-Western Regional Hospital
pager(Limerick) Pager Cork

153.4250 Nfm Mid-Western Regional Hospital pager Pager Limerick

153.825 Nfm POCSAG pager signal in Donegal Town Pager Donegal

153.8250 Nfm national paging - POCSAG data, no voice Pager NationWide

165.025 Nfm Wexford Fire Service Pagers Pager Wexford

27.005 153.475 Nfm Castlebar General Hospital PAGING Pager Mayo

31.7500 Nfm Mercy Hospital (Cork) voice pager Pager Cork

459.250 FM Hoyel Pager Limerick

459.2500 Nfm unidentified factory Pager Waterford

459.3500 Nfm Bantry General Hospital Pager Cork

453.4750 Nfm foyleside security Security Derry Anonymous

453.7700 Nfm Dublin port checkpoint Security Dublin

453.7750 Wfm Belfast retailers against crime Security Antrim

454.3875 Nfm Charlestown Shopping Centre, Finglas Security Dublin

454.9500 Nfm Bouncers tamangos nite club portmarnock
north county dublin Security Dublin

454.960 Nfm Point Depot Security Dublin

456.025 Nfm St Ita's Hospital, Portrane Security Dublin

456.025 Nfm Chubb Security, Geodis Transport
Damastown Ind Est Clonee Security Dublin

456.520 Nfm limerick institute of technology
security Security Limerick

456.5375 Nfm Top Security - Both Sides Security Cork

456.675 Nfm Castlecourt Security Belfast+ cleaners
think foyleside (Derry) Security Antrim

456.700 Nfm University Limerick Security Limerick

456.825 Nfm Diamond Shopping Centre, Coleraine Security Derry

456.9 Nfm NUIG Security+B.D.S Security swords call
sign bravo (Dublin) Security Galway

456.9000 462.4000 Nfm B.D.S Security swords call sign bravo Security Dublin

456.925 FM Raheen Ind Est Security Limerick

456.925 Nfm UCD campus Belfield, security Security Dublin

457.815 FM DELL Security Limerick

460.275 Nfm all shops security in town R shopwatch Security Derry

460.425 Nfm richmond security Security Derry

461.3125 Nfm Foyle Side shopping center car park Security Derry

461.3125 Nfm car park Security Derry

461.4625 Nfm m/s security also 462.3625 Security Derry

461.8875 Nfm Monaghan shopping centre Security Monaghan

462.025 Nfm dinn ri hotel security Security Carlow

462.395 Nfm noonans security main channel Security Dublin

464.6125 Wfm hospital securty 2 Security Galway

466.100 Nfm Mahon Point (rpt) in-store security Security Cork

466.3600 Nfm Scotch Hall Security Drogheda Security Louth

466.385 Nfm Mater Private Hospital Security Security Dublin

466.7625 Nfm ClareHall Shopping Centre/Tesco
Security+Docks - Unloading Cork Security Dublin

466.8500 Nfm ballymun shopping centre Security Dublin

468.212 FM Tesco Coonagh Security Limerick

82.4625 Nfm Wexford Borough Council + Traffic
Wardens Security Wexford
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