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SWL tuner & filter....

Postby m0lsx » Sat Jan 25, 2014 1:44 pm

Sota beam, Sota, being summits on the air, have just released two items that may be of inteest to anyone interested in SWL, both are cheap & usable..

Mountain Tuner... A "neat little end fed antenna tuner." If anyone wants a simple to use wire tuner for SWL at just under £25, this could be the answer...

Noise Nobbler...."If you suffer from noise on the HF bands, one possible source is your own antennas! The feeder of your antenna can carry noise from inside your own house or your own shack outside and straight up to your antenna where it comes back down into your receiver. Our "Noise Nobbler" is an effective common mode choke that can be used to stop noise leaving your house and causing problems"...
At a few pence under £20, this could help with noise on a coax fed station....
Edited to add the following link..
Buy a database from Kimmy JS19 via http://ukscanningdirectory.co.uk/
Or do Google search of this forum via http://www.google.com/cse/home?cx=partner-pub-6291336405621919:2662881632
73 De Alan (M0LSX.)
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