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An active antenna that actually works!

PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 12:24 am
by JGR
Just a small review of an antenna I took a gamble upon and it actually paid off! The antenna is available on eBay ... SwcUBYFNiQ Now firstly I had a couple of issues with the antenna as it had blown a diode and also a transistor, and I have now found out the cause was a 12v plug in the wall PSU that was actually way overpowered when I tested it upon the multimeter, anyway the seller allowed me to return the antenna, he then replaced and upgraded the blown parts and returned it back to me at no charge. Now I only use a battery pack which lasts for ages and have no worries of overload.

Normally I was using my 100m loop antenna but this tends to overload my receivers so I keep that for the RSP2
The compact antenna allows clear reception of the HF bands including the 160m amateur band with such strength and clarity that I had to use the attenuator on my receiver!
I wanted something compact that I could take with me and this has been a perfect choice and to be honest, I was very surprised at the performance it offers and the actual size, and yes it may bring other unwanted noise if you are within an area that is heavily polluted by electrical smog but it actually works and since the amplification is happening at the source it will not take on as much noise as would be experienced with an amplifier at the end of the coaxial cable.

Ask any questions and I will do what I can to answer them.

Re: An active antenna that actually works!

PostPosted: Sun Dec 17, 2017 9:16 am
by m0lsx
Garex, which includes AKD was taken over by Spectrum a few years ago & make the Nomad roll up VHF/UHF antenna that I often point people in the direction of.
They are also a good source of boards to knock a CB onto 10 meters & for AKD upgrade kits.

Re: An active antenna that actually works!

PostPosted: Mon Dec 18, 2017 11:00 pm
by JGR
I must admit it surprised me how effective the antenna was and for those with limited space and money it comes highly recommended by me who is one of the biggest sceptics of most things out there and I have been in this game for many years and done a lot of study as well as practical experiments and yet I get my own mind blown occasionally. :) In fact, I am still working it out and it appears to appease the same scientific practice as that of a loop antenna in that it utilises the magnetic field part of a transmission rather than that of the regular RF, loop antennas may be a future study options now that I have proven to my self the science behind the magnetic fields rather than that of the RF field.