Osmocom TETRA Security Exploits Video (MP4)

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Osmocom TETRA Security Exploits Video (MP4)

Postby SilverShadow » Wed Jan 02, 2013 7:53 pm

Video above is MP4, you might have to wait a short time for it to load, click play to watch. Other versions HERE

Applied Research on security of TETRA radio

The digital professional mobile radio system TETRA is used by a wide range of users in almost all continents of the world.

The OsmocomTETRA project has created a software radio receiver for the TETRA air interface, similar to what airprobe has done for GSM. Using this receiver plus associated protocol analysis tools, we are able to investigate and research the security level of real-world TETRA networks.

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Re: Osmocom TETRA Security Exploits Video (MP4)

Postby Alfie » Tue Mar 04, 2014 9:50 pm

From what i heard tetra is fairly easy to monitor but not using this osmocom software which seems very complicated with not a lot of online info or discussion about it.

The following is what i have been told today and i would be interested in what others here thought about this ?

A tetra network is a wide area net with many users and talkgroups and if you have a radio registered on the network all you need to have are the talkgroups which can include police fire ambulance and other users. in other words there are no single repeaters owned by individual users for example with analogue or dmr you may have a shop that has its own system or a shopping centre or factory with its own simplex radios or on site repeater. this is not how tetra is which is a wide area net that various users are all part of in a similar way to a mobile phone network. the tetra infrastructure is already there and if you want tetra for your workplace then you dont get your own system you just buy radios and register on the local net and this is where it gets interesting because a radio registered on the net is a part of it. all the users on a net are grouped in a similar way to dmy radios and groups and these tetra groups are called talkgroups. once on the net it is just a case of putting in the relevant talkgroups. the only drawback is your radio may be seen on the system but as its a big system it may not be noticed.

anyone know more on this ?
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