Realistic DX-394 HF Receiver - Scanning 27 & 28MHz USB

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Realistic DX-394 HF Receiver - Scanning 27 & 28MHz USB

Postby SilverShadow » Sun Oct 19, 2014 12:28 am

Scanning through 27MHz & 28MHz (The 10 Meter & 11 Meters Band) USB with The Realistic RadioShack DX394 HF Short Wave Receiver.

The DX394 is a pretty good HF Receiver if your looking for something low cost on a budget that performs fairly well. It has a Coverage of 150kHz -30.000kHz and covers the modes AM, LSB, USB and CW.
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Re: Realistic DX-394 HF Receiver - Scanning 27 & 28MHz USB

Postby m0lsx » Sun Oct 19, 2014 7:24 am

I do not know what performance is like but the 394 tunes well below 150khz, al you do is press a couple of buttons & it tunes down to, I believe it is 1hz.
There are two models & the B is said to be the better of the two. But I think that is more hopeful thinking than anything else. Yes the B model often sells at a better price, but not always & yes one or two gremlins are sorted on the B model. But most people who do not know what model it is, would be hard pressed to tell them apart in use side by side.
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