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Run Time Error - File not found???

Postby marlbrook » Mon May 01, 2017 11:40 am

This is happening on a very few User's P.C.'s. I cannot reproduce the problem here, and I personally test the program on many P.C.'s and Windows versions before release.

I have traced the cause. For some unknown reason, occasionally the pointer to the SKINS sub-folder does not work correctly on start-up. That does not seem to be within eSPYonARD itself, but in the Setup program which I purchased and did not write myself.

IF anyone has found this happens after installing eSPYonARD, so you have been unable to use it, PLEASE email me by using the email ICON at

I have a very quick and easy 'temporary' fix' I can send you, but as I cannot reproduce the error on any P.C.'s I test with here I need further information.
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Postby marlbrook » Sat May 06, 2017 11:32 am

eSpyOnARD v.6.0007-006 now available from

Quite a few new goodies, PLUS all the windows including 'Q' can now be scaled in size to suit your Monitor and screen resolution.

Trial is free, 'Go Compare'............
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Postby marlbrook » Tue May 16, 2017 5:34 pm

I have just uploaded '006B' to

I realise there have been three updates in fairly quick succession, but they were created because Users contacted me with good ideas, that were worth the effort of including, and expanding upon.

Perhaps the most significant is the ability to transfer an entire 'Q-DB' frequency list to an AR-DV1 Memory Bank automatically.

Many hours of testing, and even more creating the new functions and improvements.

As usual, if anyone experiences any technical issues or has ideas for future functions, please contact me, but do not post here.

I rarely reply to technical queries on Forums, it just clogs them up.

There are two icons at the Web Page that enable anyone to contact me by email. You can always expect quick replies and assistance.

For any new readers, the Trial program can be downloaded from the Site. It is free and available for as long as you wish to try it, however there are some limitations applied.

Still worth mentioning that if you do not know what a 'Q-DB' list is, then you are unaware of 'Q' and its revolutionary functions, only available for the AR-DV1, with eSPYonARD.

The Trial can be activated with a Code, so nobody has to download the program again.

New and existing users should read the new additions to the Manual. They explain the new functions in full, and I always recommend looking at the 'Changes Log' at the end of the Manual.

No apologies for providing a Manual, lol. Any program that claims it does need one is very unlikely to be the sophisticated software that a dedicated AR-DV1 owner should demand.

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Three New YouTube Videos Showing 'Q' In Action

Postby marlbrook » Sat May 20, 2017 10:43 pm

If you do not know what eSPYonARD 'Q' is all about, look here:- 'Q' Capture 'Q' Import 'Q' to Memory Bank
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NEW - V.60007-007 - with relaxed time limitations in trial

Postby marlbrook » Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:49 am

Just uploaded '007'Just uploaded '007' to

A special update, with lots of new goodies, all documented in the Manual's CHANGES LOG, which is available once the program is downloaded.

The Trial never expires, as before, however I have relaxed the timing limitations in the Trial considerably, much longer try out time before the program closes down, and a shorter wait until re-start.

My very excellent team of BETA testers and I have undergone extensive testing, however particularly with so many new things added there may be some Gremlins that have escaped our notice.

Hopefully not, but if you do have any problems, or requests then please email me via the Icons at the Web-Site, as Forum threads are not the place to sort out technical queries that may involve a lot of messaging.
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Sale - 50% off till Monday

Postby marlbrook » Thu Aug 10, 2017 4:38 pm

I started the Sale a few minutes ago, a day early, and extended it till Monday to give new Users a chance to try the program first, which I always recommend.

In the Sale the program is only £24.99 (inclusive), a 50% reduction, but will return to the normal price on Monday.

Price is not a reflection of quality. As one satisfied customer posted, you get more 'Bang for the Buck' with eSPYonARD than any similar program.

Time is ticking (as it always does), lol.

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