Help with new scanner

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Help with new scanner

Postby fred-80 » Mon Mar 17, 2014 7:04 pm

Hello I have bought a new scanner and I am new to it I have purchased a bearcat EZ133xlt.I live in morayshireand I have tried to auto scan and not received any broadcasts.i was just wondering if you can help me as experience is something I lack.i just want to listen to aircraft going overhead and aviation and maritime broadcasts please can you help.
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Re: Help with new scanner

Postby m0lsx » Tue Mar 18, 2014 12:30 am

For marine band, how close are you to the coast & more importantly either a port or a coastguard mast?? Also what is the terrain between you & the coast?? I live in Norfolk & a little over 20 miles in a straight line from the coast, I get no shipping, but I do hear the coastguard & some airsea rescue traffic & that with no hills around.
For the air band, you need to monitor, 118 to 136.9750..
If google serves me well, you are a few miles south of Kinloss, if you can get a HF radio, there is lots to hear there.
Inverness airport may or may not be within range & you may also get traffic in & out of Aberdeen.
The aircraft are going to be higher & thus more likely to be heard...
Taken from

Aberdeen Aberdeen Radar - As directed by ATC 128.300
Aberdeen Aberdeen Radar As directed by ATC 134.100

Inverness Inverness Approach 122.600
Inverness Inverness Tower 118.400
Inverness Inverness Tower 122.600
Inverness Inverness Radar 122.600
Inverness Inverness Information 109.200

Scottish (Formerly "Manchester") Control:
134.425 - The Stafa Sector - used by pilots departing to London and Southern Europe.
128.050 - The Wallasey Sector - used by pilots departing to the USA and Ireland.
133.800 - The East Sector - used by pilots departing to the Middle East, Asia and Scandinavia.
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