Totally new and can not even get started

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Totally new and can not even get started

Postby Stevesloan » Wed Aug 13, 2014 8:22 am

I have acquired a pro realistic 43 (those famous old scanners)
I have read instructions and seen a few posts on this forum too so please don't be funny ! The problem may be my scanner ??

I can not even get to hear one frequency !

I have programmed channel 1 to frequency 138.0000
I then press DIRECT followed by the up arrow to start scanning from this frequency
Scanner often stops at certain frequencies such as 148.4150 etc..
So I know it's found "something" I am searching both AM and FM
But can not every hear any speech of any kind maybe sometimes just like a modem dial up noise
I have looked through this forum and Inputted some known frequencies too but still nothing
The power in the scanner is full(batteries 100%) and yes my airiel is attached

Basically I wish to hear such frequencies such as pubwatch,taxis etc... Would these be AM ?
Also how do I programme this into my scanner ....
Coventry - West Midlands - 443.1375 428.6375
Is that
Limit lo 443.1375 to limit hi 428.6375 ?????
Or is that two separate channels ????

Please please help with very basic answers I do appriciate your time and knowledge
Many thanks
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Re: Totally new and can not even get started

Postby Stevesloan » Wed Aug 13, 2014 8:40 am

So after more messing around I finally only heard one channel FM 443.1000
But that's only one frequency out out thousands
So maybe my airiel is out of action even tho it looks mint condition even for 12 years old
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Re: Totally new and can not even get started

Postby 2E0UCW » Wed Aug 13, 2014 9:30 am

Possibly try frequencies that are more guaranteed to have some chatter - airports, pmr, amateur repeaters.....

This way you should then be able to tell if the radio has an issue.
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Re: Totally new and can not even get started

Postby m0lsx » Wed Aug 13, 2014 1:00 pm

First welcome to the forum Stevesloan.
Radio waves radiate from a transmitter like a stone thrown into a pond & your scanner (receiver) antenna is like a small stick poking through the surface of the pond.
A radio wave is very like that ripple on that the pond, imagine big stones, islands, ducks, even an irregular shape in the pond. They will all cause shadows where the ripples do not go. A radio wave will be stopped, but things that effect the radio wave are hills, houses, weather etc etc.
A radio wave is like the pond wave, in as much as a big stone causes bigger ripples that go further. On radio it is transmitter power & antenna size, type & height that effect the ripples, your antenna will also effect the size of ripple you can hear.
A radio wave is like a pond wave & that stick. As the ripples may stop or be very very weak by the time it reaches your antenna, so you will not know they are there.
Also image a big pond with lots of stones being thrown into it at various times. Depending upon where those people throw the stone you may or may not hear anything. You may miss the only stone thrown from one location, because you are looking for another stone in a different direction.
Your scanner may scan many many frequencies each minute, but most PMR transmissions are short, so it is possible to miss them. It is also possible that in one room of your house you can hear certain transmissions from one user, but no where else in the house. It could be that you are listening at the wrong time of day, or it could be that you are listening in the wrong pond, or wrong frequencies.
There is little point in listening to frequencies that may or may not be active local to you, as that fills your scanner with frequencies to scan through that probably will not be active ever for you.
Fill your scanner with frequencies that will be heard were you are & even then there will be times when you hear very little.
When I did my amateur radio course, the trainer use to describe finding someone to talk to as being like fishing. Different frequencies, like different rivers have different fish/users on them & knowing your fish/user means you know the best time of day & where to cast your receiver.
I have around 500 frequencies in my main scanner & because I do not listen to radio amateurs on FM, other than 4 meters or 10 meters & because I do not listen to taxi drivers. I get periods of 5 minutes even at busy periods were I may not hear anything & at quieter times I may go over 20 minutes between hits.
As said above load your scanner with local air band & PMR if you want to hear something, but remember, even if they are with in range, it does not mean they transmit all the time or even every day.
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Re: Totally new and can not even get started

Postby John 1954 » Thu Aug 14, 2014 2:29 pm

Fantastic Description :smiles: Of what we try to do & why sometime's we can't :sad:
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Re: Totally new and can not even get started

Postby stricky1981 » Wed Jan 14, 2015 9:59 pm

what a great explanation
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