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Postby PalMal » Wed Jun 29, 2016 11:08 am

Hello all, I recently took delivery of my Uniden BCT15X and I must say she is a lovely bit of equipment and just what I was looking for. I did have the intention of tapping the discriminator but I have decided against opening up my new set ( making the warranty void :shocker: ) to tap it.

In the past I have had a base Realistic Pro (can't remember model) which I tapped the discriminator to use for weather sats etc. Obviously after forking out for a new BCT15X I am looking not to spend loads so am looking for a decent second hand Realistic Pro hand or base that is easy to tap. A few on Ebay but not confident in what to get at the moment. Any suggestions from members on things I should consider would be great.......not exclusively Realistic Pro.....anything recommend I will look at but must be easy to tap as I am no electronics wizard :walkietalkie:

Thanks All
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Re: Realistic pro

Postby m3bsf » Tue Nov 01, 2016 4:08 am

Having recently returned to Radio Scanning [retired] and a few years ago sold my Realistic Pro 2006 [BAD IDEA] I did consider the "15" and may still purchase in the future, I spent time looking on Ebay for Pro 2006 some I added to my "watch list" as I checked photographs and sellers feedback [very important] I found one that was in very good condition [from photos] and the seller was just 70 miles away from me, after asking the seller numerous Qs I then BID and WON, I travelled the 70 miles and met the seller - a very nice guy who I have been in touch with since the purchase as he has other Radio equipment that he may offer for sale in the future, prior to this I had gone through a similar experience with another seller who had low feedback [just started to sell on Ebay] but was I believe totally honest with me, unfortunately showed lots of photos of the AOR 2002 they were selling but not the rear panel, when it arrived after my purchase it had been "played with" at some point as rear panel showed signs of holes filled with a grommet and through PayPal money back I was able to return and get full refund, so don't be afraid to buy on line just make sure to do your home work ! hope this helps you shout if I can be of more help to you.
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Re: Realistic pro

Postby barryk » Sat Jan 27, 2018 5:04 pm

I have a realistic pro 2006 for sale reasonable
I live in Barnstaple devon braunton
can be collected
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