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Slim G - The Story So Far!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2016 12:15 am
by LandingGearLaurie
Good day fellow wave-banders! :walkietalkie:

Since joining here I think I am slowly progressing with my new found hobby. Its been a very steep learning curve and if I am honest, I have found myself headscratching on many-o-time! However, its been so worthwhile and I never knew how satisfying and enjoyable scannning/searching can be. :happy:

If I may draw your attention to one of my favourite mods so far. I have been in touch with Tony at Spectrum Electronics and following a long discussion he recommended me one of his SLIM G TX/RX AERIALS for my Air/Marine band interest. Well all I can say is WOW! :shocker: It knocks total spots off my telescopic aerial and its just as portable if you don't mind using a pole or tree to hang it. The clarity, reception and quality is amazing and its turned my Bearcat 75XLT into a VERY efficient and useable bit of kit! :thumbup:
Basically, I have hung mine on a clothes hanger from the top of the wardrobe and as soon as I turned my scanner on I literally grabbed Gatwick Tower like it was next door. I am over 20 miles away from it with a heck of a lot in the way so am I pleased as pie? You bet. Best £20 I have ever spent. Thanks Tony, you really helped me understand what it was all about.

My apologies to all the advanced peeps on here. I am sure many of you have seen all this before but I just wanted to share the experience as a newcomer and who knows - I may be able to help someone else in time to come. :walkietalkie:

In the meantime, if you are interested have a look on and if you would like to know more on the aerial that I bought have a look under Aerial and Cables at Slim G RX/TX :thumbup:

Thanks everyone.


Re: Slim G - The Story So Far!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2016 3:43 pm
by Giblets
Thanks for the positive feedback on the Slim G, Lawrie. I am in Leatherhead exactly half way between Heathrow & Gatwick (with Box Hill in the way of the latter) and am running a Uniden UBC125XLT (an early self-Christmas pressy :biggrin: ). Also spend quite a bit of time down in Portsmouth and The Solent so have an interest in both aircraft and marine. Recently bought a Watson W-901 antenna but could do with something better for using the scanner indoors. Looks like a Slim G could well be on the cards very shortly. :wink:

Re: Slim G - The Story So Far!

PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2016 7:26 pm
by LandingGearLaurie
Hi Mate!

Yea great to hear from you. I am only a stones throw away from you here in sunny Cheam!
It sounds as if we have exactly the same interest with this as I scan pretty much the same as your goodself. I generally stick with Gatwick, Heathrow, Biggin Hill etc al and I also spend time down Portsmouth where I tune into QHM Portsmouth and VTS at Southampton. I am off to the IOW on Boxing day to see family so will be tuning into Bembridge, Southampton and others.

I started with the rubber duck aerial then soon went on to an extendable telescopic jobby that would be fine mobile wise for light travel. However, since I have gone over to the SLIM G I doubt i'll be going back to the others! The Slim G is fully portable and can be hung anywhere. I simply hung mine on a clothes hanger and hooked it on the top of the wardrobe. For a test I left my Bearcat tuned to Gatwick Tower as I changed from the telescopic aerial to the Slim G to note the difference and I have to say the difference was immense! I can now hear full conversations in full clarity with virtually no hiss or muck. Its fantastic value at £21 + post.
If you ring Spectrum Electronics and ask for Tony. Explain that you have spoken to Laurie (I have told Tony I would ask around for him) and that you would like the same as it is AIr/Marine specific.

What i'll do is PM you my mobile no so please feel free to ring me for more details?