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Garex Flexi-Whip For Scanners

PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 9:58 pm
by LandingGearLaurie
Hi Everyone, :wave:

I have another excellent product for you to try! :walkietalkie: Following my post re the Spectrum Electronics SlimG Airband Antenna can I please draw your attention to the Garex Flexi-Whip also made by Spectrum Electronics.
(The below write up by Tony from Spectrum will explain all but I can tell you now that they are well worth £20 - £24 depending on requirements) They are basically a superb and very excellent compromise between the dog awful standard rubber duck and a full length telescopic chrome antenna, which as we know are ok but very inconvenient and place strain on the scanners BNC socket. :shocker:

The GAREX FLEXI-WHIPS have a nylon cover and are fully waterproof and rugged. Solutions have been developed to allow the aerial to be supplied with a wide variety of plug or socket connectors. The maximum production length is 50cm, so for frequencies below 140MHz they are made as shortened loaded quarter-wave aerials, and above that frequency they are full quarter-wavelengths.
Flexi-whips can be custom manufactured for any frequency in the range 68-418MHz, and the 2m (144MHz) version is normally made and trimmed as a dual band, quarter wave on 144MHz and three quarter wave on 433MHz.

So how does mine perform? :biggrin: Its brilliant for what it is and a vast improvement! It gets me two way comms from both Gatwick Tower and Heathrow Approach and they are 16 and 26 miles away respectively. It feels ultra lightweight, looks really attractive on the Uniden handset and its a great performer.
Obviously my SlimG is better and a lot stronger but then it will be because I use mine for a homebase set up.
The Garex Flexi-Whip will so now be my staple diet when on the move whereas the standard rubber duck and telescopic chrome antenna are now in my drawer and are unlikely to see daylight. :tongue:

Have a look on and search under Aerials and Cables then look under Flexi-Whips VHF/UHF (RX/TX) or call Tony direct. Please mention Laurie as I am trying to build him some customer base. :thumbup:

I am! :biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:

Re: Garex Flexi-Whip For Scanners

PostPosted: Thu Jan 12, 2017 10:27 pm
by m0lsx
That is great news. I am always sceptical about the commercial allegedly band specific RX antennas, so it's great to see an airband specific handheld antenna from a trusted name.
For those who do not know Spectrum have been trading for years & acquired Garex, the UK company who produce the 6, 4, 2 & 70 cm transceivers that use to be known as AKD.
Good luck with these.

Re: Garex Flexi-Whip For Scanners

PostPosted: Fri Jan 13, 2017 11:41 am
by LandingGearLaurie
Yes ... absolutely! Spectrum Communications really know their stuff and if you speak with Tony direct he will talk you through what you need and will not sell you something you don't.

These Garex Flexi-Whips are personally made to your individual requirements so discuss what you are most likely to be doing and where.

If you are in a built up area or just out of distance from airports/marine areas etc, it may also be worth discussing a SlimG too. These easily hang up from a wardrobe, window, tree etc and the coaxial simply runs into your scanner. It comes with 4 meters of the stuff so nice and useable!

My set up is -

UNIDEN BEARCAT 75XLT run from the charging lead.
SlimG antenna (Air/Marine Band Specific) for home use or even better mobile if you don't mind hanging it up on something.
Garex Flexi-Whip (Air/Marine Band Specific) for mobile use.

Only to add that I now have superb two way comms as a result of the above.