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Postby m0lsx » Mon Sep 25, 2017 4:29 pm

Throbber. If I were you I would approach them as a school governor whose hobby is radio. Say that you genuinely have the best interest of the schools & the local authority at heart & that radios make a great addition to a schools tool kit. But like a PC, you need to be aware of it's risks & it's drawbacks. But that with some simple guidance & thought, there is no need for any issues to arise. HOWEVER, without thought, radios, like a PC, can give schools security issues & complications that could other wise be easily avoided.
Ask them if they were aware that listening in to transmissions such as theirs was a popular hobby, with radios that allow anyone to listen in being cheaply & easily available. With frequencies being shared among those who listen.
My wife works for somewhere that takes it's security seriously, but they did not take radio security seriously despite her raising the issue several times as a radio amateur. Then someone came in & said they had seen their private radio frequency was available on the internet. They use PMR light/simple, so it's not private. And THEN they realised they had an issue & asked my wife to help formulate a policy on radio use.
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