build an airband j pole, they are amazing!

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build an airband j pole, they are amazing!

Postby Warbo » Sun Oct 22, 2017 4:05 pm

Just a hello to all and a recommendation, if you have the chance, to build yourself an airband j pole.
i,v tried several aerials, mainly di poles, and all rounders and found them ok. but its as in all things in life, you dont know how much better something is till you try it!
i got the build specs on line didnt cost much and wow. i can hear loads more and so clearly!
the local airport tower about 10 miles away, which i sometimes heard vaguely, was so loud and clear i jumped!
loads of aircraft, scottish control, london control, its none stop clear chatter. and it picks up our local city taxis which i have never managed before with ant aerial.
give it a try folks!
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Re: build an airband j pole, they are amazing!

Postby G4RMT » Mon Oct 23, 2017 1:37 pm

The silence on this one is because I suspect that while we're glad you're happy, the performance differences kind of suggest its better AND worse for airband.

So while the J-Pole has a little more of it's gain near horizontal, it has a bit less going upwards (like the quarter wave has more that way and less horizontally) - which means that you can hear your distant tower better, but perhaps aircraft signals coming in from a sharper angle, are weakened a bit. It's not an issue, because of course aircraft tend to be stronger being line of sight.

I've got a UHF commercial J-Pole. It's OK, but it's not anywhere near a 3dB vertical in like for like performance. It is a bit better on distance than the 0dB discone.

This podcast is quite interesting. start at 46:15 for the important bit.
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