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AOR AR8200 MK3 Deaf?

PostPosted: Tue May 28, 2013 1:07 pm
by JGR
I have an AOR AR8200MK3 which I have owned a few weeks now and it has mostly been hooked up to my Diamond V2000 antenna and to be honest I think the AOR is a little deaf as the Wouxun is transforming a faint barely legible signal on the AOR to a reasonable one, now I understand that a dedicated transceiver will normally outperform most receivers but surely the AOR can hold its own against the cheap and cheerful Chinese hand held after all the AOR was supposed to be the best out there.
Do I have a duff one?
Would it be worthwhile sending it off for a service?

Re: AOR AR8200 MK3 Deaf?

PostPosted: Tue May 28, 2013 4:02 pm
by m0lsx
These scanners normally come up as having excellent receive sensitivity, so I would say if yours is not even average, then it's not a typical 8200. Having had a similar thing happen to me on a scanner I would suggest you check the attenuator is not on :biggrin: :biggrin: Mine was..
How does the 8200 compare on the standard duck with the cheap transceiver?? If it is happening only on the V2000 it could be that a strong local signal is desensitising your AOR...So I would eliminate normal problems before looking inside..

Re: AOR AR8200 MK3 Deaf?

PostPosted: Tue May 28, 2013 4:28 pm
by JGR
Thanks for that information Alan, I am in agreement with yourself on the scanner as these are supposedly be really sensitive and hence my choice of choosing this particular model. I can confirm the attenuator is not on, and it is only ever used when I hook it up to the doublet antenna for HF purposes but that is not often as I have a very good transceiver that can do the job so much better. :laughs: As for your suggestion of comparatives with the original antennas that will be a little difficult as the signals are so low it is necessary to use the white stick for reception otherwise my scanning world is dead.