Antenna upgrade for Alinco DJX30

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Antenna upgrade for Alinco DJX30

Postby Xr3iste » Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:06 am

Can anyone suggest or even if one is avaialable, an upgrade to the standard antenna that came with my Alinco DJX30. Lots of reviews state the standard antenna isnt that good so Im wondering If I can upgrade it. I mainly listen to Airband.....Thanks for any suggestions
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Re: Antenna upgrade for Alinco DJX30

Postby m0lsx » Fri Mar 15, 2019 9:17 am

If you mainly listen to airband then you need a antenna that will optimise that.
Is it mainly civil, or do you listen to both civil & Mil Air?
One thing I would say is take care on commercially made airband antennas, as not all are really optimised for that, or those bands. But some of the smaller antenna builders do sell what they claim.

Another thing to consider is what do you want antenna wise. Do you want to listen from home or when out & about?

Edited to add. A lot of people with no real knowledge of what they are talking about, choose to believe that a bigger or newer antenna improves things for them with no evidence. But often all these so called "better" antennas" do is make things a little clearer on weak signals. That has been my experience with so called better & larger dual band antennas. They improve weak signal reception, not help you to hear more. So do not always take these poor standard antenna reviews as factual, as some standard antennas are very good & all non band specific antennas are a compromise.
My personal experience with Alinco, is that in general, thier standard antennas are fair. Considering they are a compromise antenna designed to cover hundreds of Megahertz, something that no antenna, not matter what is size or cost, will do well. Or not unless it's a properly designed discone & those are rearer than hens teeth now, with most so called commercial discones now being a discone type antenna & not a discone.
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