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Re: Welcome and Introductions - Say Hello Here :)

PostPosted: Wed Apr 10, 2019 7:14 am
by m0lsx
Westy K wrote:
Sorry this is a lot of info and I am probably not really getting the the details across very well but what I am thinking at the moment and would value you input on is that I feel I need to earth everything consistently. Certainly all the radio Chassis. Not sure what to do about the Dual Band antenna though. Should it have its own or will connecting it to an earthed radio be enough?

Personally unless I have a good reason to, I never add any earthing to anything VHF or UHF.
If your antenna is in the loft where is your radio? As the longer any earth wire is the more probability that it could become a problem.
NEVER earth anything to your central heating as that can become a source of noise, (interference.) The same with any electrical earthing point.
So if your radio is not on the ground floor with a earth stake very close by. Don't earth anything & a radios earthing point needs to a good one, so often they are little more than something that makes you feel better.
And if you are not transmitting & this is a listeners forum, why earth the radios chassis or the antenna, unless you find a reason that makes you really need to?
I find the simpler a set up, the better it is, in general.