Welcome and Introductions - Say Hello Here :)

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Re: Welcome and Introductions - Say Hello Here :)

Postby Ord-Dave » Thu Apr 09, 2020 10:31 pm

Big Hi to everyone and hope you're all keeping well in these troubled times.
Just joined and new to the scanning world but have been a licensed ham since 1992 - not always practising. Was given a Realistic Pro-2045 by my neighbour 3 days ago and put up a half-wave vertical dipole centred on 133 Mhz above the roof at about 25 feet and enjoyed listening in to the local air bands here in Fife. Also put a 2m pre-amp in line and that has boosted some of the more distant stations. Was wondering how this radio compares against the modern offerings and would it be worth my while spending some cash on a more modern set-up.
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Re: Welcome and Introductions - Say Hello Here :)

Postby ray835 » Thu Apr 09, 2020 10:51 pm

thanks for the add to the group just getting back into the hobby ideal hobby for the lock down ...keep safe and stay well :thumbup:
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Re: Welcome and Introductions - Say Hello Here :)

Postby Johnnybuk » Tue Jun 09, 2020 12:36 am

Hi All,
Thank you for admitting me to the group!

Many years ago I was a keen aviation buff, got my PPL and was an avid airband listener. I’ve had several receivers and scanners over the years and now, having retired, would like to pick up the hobby again, maybe even some SWL. I’m not sure I would attempt my radio license, but who knows!

I don’t know if this is the forum to ask a question (or 2/3/4!) but I hope someone can put me right if not. Apologies in advance!

I announced my intention to buy a new scanner to my neighbour – he said to try some of his. I think he has lost interest, but he brought round a shoe box containing the following:

Sony Air 7
Icom IC-R2
Uniden UBC3500XLT
Icom IC-RX7
Watson WSMA 889 Aerial

I had done some ‘research’ and looked at the Uniden ubc125xlt, an affordable and well reviewed scanner. A little later he contacted me to say that if I was considering buying a new receiver then I could buy one of his! I think he may want to keep the IC-RX7 and the Sony Air 7 is too old.

The UBC3500xlt does look the most promising though, given that I was/am looking to buy the 125XLT. I started to acquaint myself with its operation – I’m thinking that the System/Group/Channel architecture is common to both?

After some effort with the manual and referencing the internet I managed to manually program some local civil air frequencies in.
I realised that once the structure was defined, then the logic was fairly intuitive (even if the other 90% of the manual wasn’t!!)
However I realised that linking it to my laptop (and I think I’d need a dedicated USB cable) and importing .csv files into an appropriate piece of software would be more productive.

To this end I found ‘Freescan’ - but I needed something called ‘Ez-grab’ to parse the frequency .csv files which I have. Unfortunately, the trail seems to have gone cold and I could not download a copy anywhere.

I’d almost made up my mind to buy the 3500 off him, (I am starting to like it) but I do know there is some excellent software for the 125 -Scan 125 - which I think is written by Nick Bailey who, I notice, is a member of the forum.

So my questions are:

Are there any other programming apps for the 3500 which would allow flat files to be imported?
Would I be better buying a new 125 rather than the 3500?
The WSMA 889 seems an improvement over the standard ‘rubber ducky’ – is there anything better?
I’d like an external aerial – not too sure which would be best – discone/dipole something else? (Initially civil and some mil air)

I’m sorry for the length of this opening message, and am aware that I am asking for a lot of information, but hopefully, when more established, I can give something back to the forum.

Many thanks.
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Re: Welcome and Introductions - Say Hello Here :)

Postby transit80 » Tue Jun 09, 2020 8:10 am

Good morning, have been on this forum for about 5 years but never posted anything due to having a mad job and not being at home. I am now coming up to retirement and I thought I would try and get back into listening/watching aircraft (Military and civil).
I have a Realistic PRO 2039 scanner and a Royal (?) Discone aerial and could do with an operators manual or information on this scanner and aerial setup.

Hello to everyone and look forward to this interesting hobby.

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