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Re: Do you have any questions, comments, ideas or requests?

Postby thelad » Sun Nov 26, 2017 5:57 pm

paulie b wrote:Not sure how you've come to that conclusion? I have NO data. When searching the site the few results I get were posted years ago. Years ago means they are out of date, right?

Not really, many Ofcom licence holders have the same frequency they were issued with years ago!
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Re: Do you have any questions, comments, ideas or requests?

Postby G4RMT » Sun Nov 26, 2017 6:31 pm

Frankly - NO! If you want updated information, then you can use that link in Alan's signature and buy a CD with a database that is updated. However, loads of frequencies issued years ago are perfectly current. Airband has had a few changes recently when frequency spacings changed, but Google is your friend on those, and to be honest, forums rarely have complete lists, you need to put some effort in and do your research, collate lists, remove duplicates, investigate changes, and sometimes weed out totally wrong info. Big hobby, takes lots of time, and you need to realise that people rarely give away information they've worked hard at.

So this forum does have plenty of links, but you need to search them out. The software this board uses is well known for having tricky search facilities - hence Alan's external search facility. Most business radio links tend to last a very long time, although the content sometimes changes when they go digital.

It's up to you to sift the data for obsolescence. If this is too much work, buy the CD. The internet is great, but teasing out reliable data is not. Even the CD will have a few errors, and the Governments own database is sadly iff. If you do some research you'll find links to people who have taken the latest OFCOM list, and added their own search processes to make it better.

I suspect that when joining a forum, it's usually best to contribute a bit before jumping in and criticising the content. You get out what you put in I suppose.
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