Are mobile phone jammers illegal in the UK?

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Re: Are mobile phone jammers illegal in the UK?

Postby Mark5R » Wed Jan 25, 2017 9:20 pm

I have just thought up an awesome idea for a new business or dragons den pitch based on this thread. I also dont have the time to implicate it so anyone who wants to steal my idea go ahead :thumbup:

So. Many institutions such as schools etc. want to block signals which many here can understand why and there is a huge market.

They can't use jammers so thats out.

Dragons.... i give to you.... Faramob! which is a easy to apply faraday cage based shielding for all your schools and other institutions where you dont want people using those pesky mobile phones :biggrin:

Want to ban mobile phones legally?..... Then get the Faramob! (c) TM Mark5R
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