Hytera TR-50 repeater information

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Hytera TR-50 repeater information

Postby G4RMT » Mon Feb 20, 2017 7:29 pm

I've had one of the very small UHF HYT TR-50 repeaters for a while, and while originally as supplied it function perfectly normally, my attempts to reprogram it had failed miserably. Leaving me with a non-functioning unit. I've eventually got around to fixing it. The following could help anyone else.

I did get the correct software for the programming, and noticed in the drop down box that the options seemed to be aimed at models TC-365 and 265.

Anyway - connecting the RJ45 and reading the unit produced the right data, once I did a trial and error attempt to find the right frequency version (450-470) and set the RX and TX frequencies I needed with the right CTCSS. No luck - it failed to receive anything, and to all intents and purposes, useless.

Today I pulled it apart and discovered why the TC-365 featured in the drop down list - inside are two of them! Just the chassis - with the battery removed, no speaker and no knobs, just the pot spindles. The pcb for each one is exposed, and ribbon cables are tagged to various points on the pcb to extract and input audio and programming data, plus a line to put one into TX and a line from the RX that goes high when the squelch opens. There's a small circuit board that has a regulator to provide the 7.5V line to the two radios and power a small fan. There's a small op amp to drive a speaker and a that's pretty much it. Prodding the exposed PTT button on the transmitter TC-365 produced output on my programmed in frequency - so the TX unit was working. Isolating the TX, and connecting a normal 2 pin programming cable let me read the receiver TC-365, and it was on a totally random frequency - this was only programmed for RX, no TX frequency at all. Entering my proper RX into it directly, brought the repeater into action. Annoyingly, I had broken one of the tiny surface mount pots - well, managed to detach it from the board. Even with a magnifying glass there's no way that's going back in, so VR3 needs replacing - it's function is to set the level of the RX audio sent to the transmitter - so while it goes into TX, and the RX audio comes from the repeater speaker, without it, there's no audio on the TX signal. As soon as I get the new pot, I'll stick it in and off we go. It does seem that these radios need separately programming - something I simply didn't realise. The internal layout prevents a plug going into the TX, but leave space for the RX - so if you ever get one of these - remember the programming quirk! The software does let you programme the TX with RX frequencies, but that unit simply doesn't ever receive anything - so the software screen is lying to you.
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