If you are going to counterfeit - do it properly!

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Re: If you are going to counterfeit - do it properly!

Postby m0lsx » Tue Apr 25, 2017 10:20 am

G4RMT wrote:Not thought about that from the old model perspective - so when a product run ends, the tooling isn't scrapped, just sold to somebody else who then run it again. Quite neat really, and perhaps with the tacit approval of the original manufacturer - after all, it wouldn't spoil their brand.

Is this what happens in Malaysia where older Motorola products are still being sold? Not counterfeits - but unapproved 'overruns'?

It is the old way of doing it. The Enfield India for example or the Fiats that were produced in the old Soviet Union were this.
Plans, production rights & sometimes even machines were sold, so that a different manufacturer could legitimately produce an item to original design & specs.
One of the modern ways it happens is that someone want to sell an alledged premium product at premium prices with Far East manufacturing costs. But to do this they have to send detailed plans to the Far East where they are used to produce the premium priced item & then unauthorised copies are made using the original plans. A good example of this is a British folding bicycle manufacturer, who never had an issue until they tried & then abandoned this route. But now have multiple identical looking Far East copies of their bikes available.
The other traditional & modern route is the one that the likes of Sony have taken. A decent Far East manufacturer produces some nice products & Sony buys these & badges them as Sony's. But you can also buy them as Eton or any number of other identical radios all with a different badge on the front, but all using the same manufacturing source.
My sister use to work in a canning factory & sometimes they produced lets say Baked Beans for one well known supermarket, the next for a corner shop brand & the week after for a premium brand. The only difference was the label & what the production contract terms were.
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