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Re: hand held scanner WANTED

Postby lars » Mon Jun 26, 2017 6:56 am

"A Tecsun PL-660 may be able to scan a few HF or VHF Band 2 channels,b but it will not I believe scan airband!!."

Yeah. On the air band, it will not scan either across the band or using pre-set frequencies. I believe this limitation is also present in the more expensive models. I really don't understand why, since the technology is there. I'm guessing there is some obscure legal restriction in some jurisdictions. Some of the Tecsuns will scan banks of pre-programmed frequencies, although I accept that doing this at speed does not seem to be a priority.

Is your interpretation of "scanner" just followed in this forum, or is it widespread? I note that the Tecsun receivers are frequently referred to as "scanners" by vendors.
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