Yaesu FT 991

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Yaesu FT 991

Postby ray_uk » Mon Jul 03, 2017 8:43 pm

Ive been left this amature Yaesu FT 991 radio. It was left to me by an uncle who past away some moths ago. I remember him buying
last year but became ill. He left it to me as he knew I love scanning the airwaves, and CB Radio SSB FM AM. Trouble is I haven't got a licence and not interested in radio. My uncle had a mod done to open up more frequencies. Tried it on CB Radio, but for some reason. the signal poor. Can anybody tell me if thid Radio is good for scanning or just amature bands. He paid a lot of cash for it.
I may even sell it as it very complicated. Or I may do some sort of exchange for scanning
Thanks for reading
Ray Cardiff S Wales
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Re: Yaesu FT 991

Postby lars » Tue Jul 04, 2017 7:18 am


I believe that the 991 is factory-restricted to amateur bands but, as you say, modifications are possible. Poor CB reception might indicate only that the transmitters were too distant for receive properly -- there isn't a lot of activity on the CB bands these days in most parts of the UK. However, UK CB activity is usually FM, and I'm not sure that the 991 will do FM in the relevant bands -- 10/11m amateur is usually AM SSB. In any event, the 991 is a very expensive and complicated way to listen to CB :) I don't think the 991 would be good for rapid scanning of bank of pre-programmed frequencies -- that's not really a big thing in the amateur radio world.

If you wanted to sell it, I'm sure that wouldn't be difficult -- it's a popular transceiver. I might even be interested myself, although I suspect that even second-hand it's outside my price range.

Best wishes
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Re: Yaesu FT 991

Postby m0lsx » Tue Jul 04, 2017 10:28 am

On Fri Sep 02, 2016 you posted......

ray_uk wrote:Hi
I will be taking exams soon. I have this Yaesu FT 991 Radio. Being a newbie to ham radio, I need advice please.
At the back of this Radio there are 2 Anntenna 259 sockets. I sorted the 1 connector , but cant seem to purchase the antenna connector anywhere. The socket has a male pin at the centre. 144/430Mhz Ant Jack M/N Type Tried Maplins and theyhavent a clue

I would suggest selling it Ray. It's been a year & if you have not managed to operate it yet, maybe CB & Scanning is more your level than this 991.
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