Switch Cleaner, tool kit gold.

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Switch Cleaner, tool kit gold.

Postby m0lsx » Wed Aug 23, 2017 2:34 pm

I have a couple old biscuit tins with some basic tools in them that constitute my portable operations took kit, among the bits I have are wire strippers, various small pliers, screw drivers, some medical clamps..Don't ask. But they are handy for holding something while I solder it with my gas or electrical Iron, which are both available, together with solder & a de soldering tool in my kit.
I also keep a can of switch cleaner, also known as contact cleaner in my tool kit.
My biscuit tins are my go to tool kit for anything electrical around my home too.
If anyone is unaware of switch cleaner it is invaluable. It does exactly what it says. It cleans switches, as well as other electrical contacts. it is not oil based, but it will clean oily residue, general grime, dirt etc off electrical contacts. The best cleaner is Servisol at just over £4 per can but it's often not as easy to find locally as some others.
Halfords, sell a cleaner for £3.99 & Maplins at £4.99. If you have a Tool station close by a cheap can is only £2.50. Screwfix is expensive & only sells WD40's contact cleaner at £6.99.
A can of cleaner truly is tool kit gold. It will often make a sticky switch as good as new, a noisy Pot (Potentiometer) silent.
I have fixed several bits & pieces I have picked up for free off the likes of Freegle with nothing more than some switch cleaner & it kept an old TV of mine going for years despite the on/off switch starting to show signs of age years ago. A squirt of cleaner & a cotton bud soon removed any grime from the switch & had it moving like new again & on the two occasions it simply improved things. It took seconds to remove the back of the TV & give the switch a squirt, whilst keeping my hands well clear of everything.
Honestly if you don't have a can of cleaner, get one, it really is tool kit gold & it will pay for it's self many many times over, even if you buy from Maplins, which I don't.
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73 De Alan (M0LSX.)
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