Motorola GM340 designed for military?

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Motorola GM340 designed for military?

Postby Richie_asg1 » Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:30 am

If anyone has ever had one of these transceivers have you taken it apart?

In my early attempts at learning I bought several as a job lot to see how they worked, and took a few apart.

I was used to military hardware and how it differs from commercial consumer rubbish. I was amazed at what I found with the Motorola.

First the case was a pressure diecast aluminium body - utilising fins as an effective heatsink on the outside, and giving RF separation on the inside.
It was heavy and solid - a good sign.
It was hermetically sealed - with a hefty orange bespoke "O" ring sealing both halves together.

It is programmable, but to what extent I do not know.

It has options......... "see your dealer for the availability of these....
One of which is a voice scrambler.

It has a Stun feature
If the radio is lost or misused, the administrator can send a signal to permanently disable the radio at a distance!
Useful for a bog standard taxi radio no?
Voice recorder - either incoming messages or your own message.

Slightly strange calling system
Call forwarding to a mobile unit.
Alarm feature if not responded within a programmed time limit (Lone worker)
PA system to use external horn.

Lot of features in a basic taxi radio. ... =28#manual
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