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Postby Zulu247 » Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:58 am

Hi all,
I’m thinking of buying a radio scanner again and would like to know if the airways are still busy?
I’m based in Wallington Surrey.
What am i likely to hear nowerdays ?
Thanks in advance
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Re: Listening

Postby Southwales » Wed Jan 17, 2018 1:37 am

Hi, I have had my scanner a few weeks now here in rural Wales, I mainly use mine In the car as where I live there is very little to hear especially as I have large hills in every direction, all I get at home is a few civil air passing flights and military air as I have a lot of fighter jet training over ahead during the day, plus the odd licence free pmr from the local farmers. It is when I am out in the car that the scanner gets busy, I have lots of Welsh repeaters in mine, all 16 of the licence free pmr channels which are used by small bussiness and family's just using them for fun/leisure. 40 UK FM cb channels, plus the simple light bussiness frequencies. I would say it is the ham repeaters and the 8 pmr channels that have the most activity here in wales, I use one of these little magnetic naygoa antennas on my car and they surprisingly pull in the signals, I can now get a signal from the low power pmr 446 radios from 2 miles away and most repeaters from 20 plus miles away terrain allowing, again hills are my worst enemy hear in mid wales, the same antenna is on Amazon for £14 and gets excellent reviews. If I did not have chance to use my scanner mobile in the car I would not have purchased one as civil air is not very entertaining when you only hear one way chat....
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Re: Listening

Postby m0lsx » Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:05 pm

What you can hear is very dependent upon exactly where you are listening, what radio you are using & what day of the week & time of day it is. Plus for some of us what time of year it is.
From where I am, Norwich, I hear very little but a few airband channels on a winters Sunday evening. But I hear a great deal more during the summer than the winter, as I live on the edge of Norwich & close to the Norfolk Broads & other tourist locations.
On an average weekday here, I hear, or could hear, although in the case of some, I choose not to listen to. Farms, Delivery Vehicles, Radio Amateurs, Assorted Business chat radio systems, Taxi's, Motorcycle trainers as I live close to a test centre. Civil & Military Aircraft, The Coastguard, Lifeboats & various other users.
I have around 500 active frequencies that I can hear programmed in & I do not bother with Radio Amateurs on FM, other than for 10 meters & a couple of VHF repeaters which I use as beacons. Plus I avoid Taxi's for the same that I avoid the FM VHF/UHF Amateur radio channels. It's brainless talking for the sake of talking. And I do not live in a good location for scanning & my antenna is not especially high, so things could be better for me. But I still find plenty to listen to other than on Winters Sunday evenings, when I can go long periods with nothing to hear.
Some on here get a lot of activity on the PMR licence free 446 channels, I hear almost nothing. I have the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight programmed, but I have only ever heard it from home once. I have the Red Arrows programmed, but they normally only Visit Norwich once a year, at the most. I have the International Space Station programmed, but again it's not a very common hit, although as a radio amateur I did work it twice when I bothered with FM.
Scanning is very like fishing, what you can catch is very dependent upon you, your equipment & how you use it. I do not mind sitting & waiting, as for me it is worth it. Others just want to sit & listen to hours of what I find to be brainless chat from taxi drivers & radio amateurs on FM repeaters. Others sit for hours & listen to nothing but but the occasional Military Air transmission or they hunt digital signals which they then patiently gain access to. Others want digital details to be bottle fed to them, by those who put the work in.
Add to the above that what we listen to is not like Radio 1 or 2. Often what we listen for is only there for a few minutes per day & in very short bursts, so is easy to miss.
I brought my first scanner back in the late 80's or early 90's. Although I have listened to VHF via receivers for many years longer than that. And I still love finding my own stations.
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Re: Listening

Postby A N Tenner » Wed Jan 17, 2018 12:20 pm

m0lsx wrote:It's brainless talking for the sake of talking.

m0lsx wrote:Radio 1

:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
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