Bearcat Uniden 125XLT scanner

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Bearcat Uniden 125XLT scanner

Postby fletch64 » Wed Feb 14, 2018 12:22 pm

Good morning

I have a Bearcat Uniden UBC125XLT scanner - I am 50 miles away from Manchester Airport and 45 miles from East Midlands Airport. will this scanner pick up these Airport frequencies, if so what are the best frequencies to listen to, If not how close would you have to be to an Airport to pick up the transmissions

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Re: Bearcat Uniden 125XLT scanner

Postby Chris P » Wed Feb 14, 2018 2:21 pm

You can pick up the aircraft( both inbound to and outbound from airports , up to 100 miles away on a handheld but the ground stations at the airport will be a different matter depending on the terrain between you and the ground transmitter sites and will vary from as little as a quarter of a mile to several tens of miles . VHF and UHF range is very dependent on terrain and other things that produce a radio shadow such as buildings and the curvature of the earth . The height of your Rx location will make a big difference too . In theory range on VHF and UHF is line of sight but RF is a peculiar beast and due to reflections from man made objects and atmospheric layers transmissions can be heard from further away .

I am located in north west Norfolk and can listen to two way comms into Stansted from the transmitter site at Chedburgh (where the approach and director comms is transmitted from ) which is north of Haverhill . I cannot hear the Stansted tower or ground transmitters although as soon as departing traffic is above 2000 ft I can pick up the aircraft . I can sometimes hear the Cambridge airport atc when conditions are right

On uhf I can hear the two USAF bases ATC some 10miles south of me but not the a/c on the ground when they are "behind the airport buildings "etc.

A quick search of this forum will get you some of the approach frequencies for the airports you are "near" but unless you are on a high spot on the backbone of England you may only ever get to hear the aircraft side of the comms.

East midlands is listed as 134.175 (app) and 120.125 (Radar)

Manchester is listed as 118.575 App 121.350 Dir and 135.0 (radar)
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Re: Bearcat Uniden 125XLT scanner

Postby brimstone » Thu Feb 15, 2018 9:43 pm

I am in winsford, Cheshire. Approx 35 miles from Man airport. Lucky to be under the approach flight path for R05. I have a uniden xzi33xlt, with a whip and indoor telescopic. I have no problem picking up Manchester, Birmingham, east minds and Liverpool.As well as London, Scottish from swan nick etc. I generally pick up two way comms from all airports, once they have been passed over to respective radar. I generally only get Manchester tower, both frequencies, depends on which runway they,re using.
I use. Man tower. 118.625, man radar 118.575, 135.000 and 121.3500. Birmingham tower 118.3000 Birmingham radar 118.050. East mkids tower 134.1750. East mids radar. 120.1250. Stafa 134.4250.

I was thinking of upgrading to the 125xlt, what your opinion of this scanner.

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Re: Bearcat Uniden 125XLT scanner

Postby Minus1 » Fri Feb 16, 2018 9:14 am

Frequencies re listed by NATS: ... id=13.html
Click the airport, then "Textual data".

As to what you can pick up from your location, topography is everything.
Use this site to draw a line between your house and the airport:
It will show you if there are any hills in the way that will block signals.

Winsford is close to the NATS transmitter near Kelsall.
These frequencies are transmitted from there:

128.05 AMn '128.055' EGPX Scottish — Wallasey Lo
132.85833 AMn '132.860' EGTT London Upper (N, sector 4)
133.05 AM EGPX Scottish — Isle of Man Lo
133.7 AMn '133.705' EGTT London Hi (East Mids, sector 3)
134.425 AM EGPX Scottish (Stafa Lo)
135.575 AMn '135.580' EGTT London Hi (Wirral, sector 7)

277.625 AM Swanik Military (NW secondary)
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