RG-58 £10 per 50 meters.

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RG-58 £10 per 50 meters.

Postby m0lsx » Fri Mar 16, 2018 6:35 pm

For those new to the hobby RG-58 is NOT suitable for scanner use.

But if anyone is wanting a drum of RG-58 coax. Moonraker is selling 50 meters for £10 & 100 meters for £20.

Buy a database from Kimmy JS19 via http://ukscanningdirectory.co.uk/
Or do Google search of this forum via https://cse.google.com/cse/publicurl?cx=017721449704518888595:wswa65nq4ww
73 De Alan (M0LSX.)
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Re: RG-58 £10 per 50 meters.

Postby g7vak » Thu May 17, 2018 1:22 pm

It has 50 Ω nominal impedance with known losses 2dB/10m to 100MHz.

I do occasionally run an RF amp when necessary but for general listening on 2m/70cm and occasionally air band its great. In fact I use a 2 metre run to a cellular colinear for ADS B as well as my antenna for 4m for transmit. No problems and that is 15 long.

I have no problems whatsoever on a 10m run all the way to 470MHz.
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