Just saying Hi to everyone

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Just saying Hi to everyone

Postby stuarthurst » Thu May 31, 2018 11:04 am

I'm relatively new to owning a scanner (handheld) but not to radios (Ex RAF El Tech TC)
I have a Uniden UBC125XLT (I think it's called) and have a super gain antenna whip on it also.

My intentions are for use at the airport / air shows but I am hoping that as I get into this a little bit more I can do more.

However, I've read the manual (and man is that complicated) and a lot doesn't make much sense just yet (and that's amazing as techys never read manuals)
So if anyone has any decent video instructions then I would be happy to take a look (or I will be asking questions). I have checked You Tube already for some stuff.

Also, I have Scan125 software too, is there a relatively easy way to get data from Kimmys CD into it? (obviously not all of them :p)

I'm up north in Sunny Morecambe.

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Re: Just saying Hi to everyone

Postby Scan125 » Thu May 31, 2018 11:42 am

Hi and welcome.

Thanks for using my Scan125 Control Program. Yes the Uniden User Manual is pretty atrocious / cryptic. Some people find reading my Scan125 User Manual quite helpful in helping to understand the Uniden one and the scanner.

As for getting data from Kimmy's CD into the scanner then there currently is no real easy way.

Some of the data on Kimmy's CD is in CSV format but sadly most is not.

For any data in CSV format then you can use Scan125Convert to import data into the Scan125 program and the scanner.

For the rest of the data on Kimmy's CD then they use multiple spaces to separate the data fields. If you copy and edit the files and change the multiple spaces to a comma "," thus creating a CSV version then this can be processed by Scan125Covert. However the editing is tedious and I keep on meaning to write a program to try and turn all the Kimmy data into CSV formatted data. Sadly I've not got round to doing this yet. Sorry.
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