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Re: Network Radio 1 Real Radio 0

Postby radiostationx » Thu Oct 11, 2018 6:23 am

Back in the 1990s , I cant remember how much the City and Guilds charged for the RAE when I did it but I reckon it was more than £20 more like £35 equiv or something like that.
The exam reference books were thin on the ground secondhand and non existent in public libraries so open wallet time for that.
Finding a C&G exam centre wasnt easy in the Merseyside/Lancs area, a lot of self help there as I was working abroad for half of the year. The nearest was a technical college 15 miles away in Warrington and there were 3 or 4 of us that did the 90 minute exam in a very large exam hall that evening.
The exam wasnt difficult for me having an electrical background but quite a lot of amateurs had to swat up go back and have another go.
RAE Certificate in hand I then had to find someone to teach me morse which thankfully I found M.E.G.S. The morse enthusiasts group of scotland and joined for the princely sum of £1 (the membership fee is still the same £1 in 2018 !). Still say its the best £1 I ever spent. I used to buy a batch of 90 minute blank cassette tapes, send them off to George Alan GM4HYF and he would fill them with QSOs and post them back to me at varying speeds as I progressed. And I listened to slow morse on their 80m net with my frog 7 HF receiver, All This was a real big help.
Then finally to find a morse test, not easy either, another batch of phone calls and a 100 mile round trip journey this time, and another test fee. I suppose all told it too about 18 months to get my full licence.
That had to be renewed from memory every year I think, now there isnt a renewal fee.
The foundation licence allowed a lot of new blood into the hobby and it didnt cost the earth. A load of radio amateurs were/are keen to help others gave up their spare time and became tutors. Without those guys and girls and the RSGB/OFCOM relaxing the rules a little, I think the hobby would be all but dead now.
£20 and a bit of travel isnt much to get on the air, it depends, as ever, on how much you really want that licence in your hand. Cost a lot more back then than it does now .
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Re: Network Radio 1 Real Radio 0

Postby G4RMT » Wed Oct 17, 2018 11:36 pm

Plus you couldn't buy anything cheap in those days either - five weeks wages for a clever radio when I passed, I had to buy things on HP, and it was tough - two years to buy a radio. Now you get a free radio when you fill your van up with diesel - my local garage were virtually giving them away last week.
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