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Ofcom to licence exempt mobile phone repeaters.

PostPosted: Wed Oct 25, 2017 9:56 am
by m0lsx
Ofcom has published its decision to licence exempt two categories of 'mobile phone repeaters'. They may have a maximum power of up to 2 watts

Mobile phone repeaters amplify signals between a mobile phone and the network operators’ base stations, enhancing coverage for the user. Following consultation, Ofcom has today set out technical requirements for two categories of mobile phone repeaters to enable lawful use.
The two categories of device are:

• Static mobile phone repeaters for indoor use; and
• Low gain mobile phone repeaters for in-vehicle use.

The regulations to exempt these two types of devices from requiring a licence do not come in force until early 2018. Until that time, the use of mobile phone repeaters – other than those provided by mobile network operators – remains unlawful and those that do not meet the technical requirements after that point will also continue to be illegal to use.

Ofcom will provide further updates on the implementation of the regulations and advice on use of the licence exempt devices.

Source Southgate ARC's news site.