MD380 Netmon 3 help/ random msgs.

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MD380 Netmon 3 help/ random msgs.

Postby iScottybotty » Sat Oct 27, 2018 1:45 pm

Hi everyone.

I’m just wondering if anyone is able to explain to me, in very infant detail, why and very suddenly my MD380 has started to receive random SMS messages?

I’m using the unit in Promiscuous mode, the unit is RX only, but between every 5-10 minutes the radio sends out a message alert but the message is either blank or just contains a question mark (?).

I have attached a picture of the Netmon 3 screen to see if it makes sense to anyone, I just wonder why it’s happening and if there is anything I can do to fix.

Furthermore, interestingly, if I use my AT D868UV on the same frequency using digi mon, after the same time period this unit completely locks up, the only way to power the unit back on is to remove and replace the battery. Could that be because the radio is trying to receive a message of some kind and confusing the radio? This does not happen on any other frequency other than the one I’m currently listening too.

If anyone can give me any advice I’d be grateful, the message is being received from “64250’, I’ve assumed this is an APRS function, but that said, I have no idea.

Thank you.

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