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Re: AOR DV-1......

Postby sammy3417 » Wed Jul 29, 2015 8:03 am

Crazy waste of money. I love my gadgets and I could buy one now, but almost every digital system now has encryption. Scanning will soon be dead in my opinion :tongue:
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Re: AOR DV-1......

Postby gazza » Wed Jul 29, 2015 12:13 pm

Alfie, I like your determination to go for an AOR DV-1 but I have to say that I share Sammy's misgivings regarding future encryption. Around here, I would say that 80% of mototrbo transmissions are encrypted already.
As you say, this scanner is not just for digital monitoring but I do wonder how well it will perform at HF frequencies for example etc as seen no detailed specs in that respect.
AOR is a long respected radio manufacturer and I have owned many of their designs from the AR 2000 through to the AR 5000 and can vouch for their outstanding performance. If the specifications turn out to be very good across the full spectrum, then I may be swayed but certainly not for the digital offering alone.

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Re: AOR DV-1......

Postby benw18 » Wed Jul 29, 2015 3:06 pm

I'm sure as a piece of equipment this will be excellent and up to the usual high standards we've come to expect from AOR.

However as the USP of this scanner is the ability to decode digital transmissions- I can't warrant the cost (personally). Dealers and installers try to make their clients systems reasonably secure- not every dealer is as proactive as others and basic system features are not used.

As standard during new system installs and now during annual maintenance all of our systems are now RAS activated and basic privacy enabled.

I'm not trying to tell you how to spend your hard earned cash, just warning that DMR as a whole is forecast some fairly substantial security changes in the future, eliminating the ability to monitor systems using a rogue radio AND/OR computer equipment... There is plenty of manoeuvrability in the ETSI standard (as we've seen with the various different manufacturer adaptations and proprietary features) which only means future developments.

As an all around scanner (D-Star etc) then great, it certainly ticks all of the boxes. Does it warrant >£1000? In my opinion no, but it's not my money to spend! You are correct DSD and alike isn't ideal for carting around and DSD is useless when privacy is enabled. Companies are spending large amounts of money to move forward with their technology and have a more secure system to run their day to day operations... Throwing in excess of a grand to try and listen to the local shopwatch only to discover it can't be monitored would be pretty painful.

Apart from the digital decoding is this really going to be leaps and bounds above the competition? Only time will tell
I guess :-)
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Re: AOR DV-1......

Postby Alfie » Mon Aug 10, 2015 4:57 pm

stonosnr wrote:I've edited this post after looking at the websites this morning! Both are now identical prices! ML&S have updated their price, to be paid in full on ordering, to the same as that quoted on the W&S website. As ML&S conveniently quote both with and without VAT, you can see now that W & S are just stating the inc VAT price, and taking a deposit which will be credited to your balance!
My theory over the years is that we usually pay roughly whatever the amount is in $ when released in the USA in UK £'s when it arrives here. It appears that this "rough conversion" is still valid!

The actual price in £ equates to around £775.00 which is how much you can get it for already on ebay brand new so W&S are taking the mick at £1199.95 and so are the others who seem to be mistaking dollars for pounds ?
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