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Postby 26PMR » Tue Aug 25, 2015 7:40 pm

redman99 wrote:You will never De-crypt Enhanced Privacy with anything you/we can afford

A sensible way to approach DMR at a layman's cost, a radio,into a PC use DsdPlus+ or DMRdecode to find out system info
DsdPlus+ will show you if the system is crypto

Put the info into a DMR radio,set up to scan,it works for me

DV1 is a waste of time in UK & Europe with a very limited number of system types ie MPT1327 or DMR very little P25
Will be a brilliant radio for the US user
There will always those who want the latest product,many have expectations higher than a product will deliver

I completely agree, You are better off with an actual DMR radio (providing you program them in RX ONLY) or much more easier and cheaper a cheap RTL dongle. Around ten pounds, take around 10-20 minutes to get used to it and you are decoding DMR using the DSD+ software, Some say that the Original DSD does it better but I find DSD+ to decode audio just as fine with the added bonus of decoding text messages and other information like call alerts.

Hope this helps.

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