Which mode is this please?

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Re: Which mode is this please?

Postby milly » Fri Oct 23, 2015 9:00 am

jimh wrote:>If it's bus data then any MPT1327 decoder will do
Umm....that depends. If it's RTPI (Real Time Passenger Info) then I'm not sure it can be decoded by any freely available software. My guess from the frequency and license is that it is RTPI.

Can Gasman post [a link to] an audio sample of this data please, and I'll be able to better inform if it's MPT1327 or not?

Indeed, you'll notice that if you continued to read my post I said "However, if it's their telemetry & info channel I doubt you'll decode anything recognisable.".

Occasionally I've come across such things and they've been wrapped in an MPT1327 type (there seem to be a huge number of variants of AX.25-like data used by bus and taxi companies) layer?

An audio sample would certainly make it easier for people to identify.
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