Uniden UBCD3600XLT LNC and trunk

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Uniden UBCD3600XLT LNC and trunk

Postby kevtheskin » Sun Jul 09, 2017 10:15 pm

Hello every one.
Can some one please tell me what the benefit of finding/having the LNC number of a Cap + turbo system?
I tried using the analysis mode to find Lnc and it found nothing after leaving on for hours. I added a second frequency which am sure is part of the same trunk and still not finding anything, I then ran up my Sdrplay and dmrdecode on same frequency and it told my the it was LNC 4 on one frequency then LNC 3 to 4 on other. I then added LNC 4 to the frequency that dmrdecode found and nothing different. Also someone tell me what to use Trunk discovery for.

Thanks again Kev
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