Radioddity DG-77 - first impressions

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Radioddity DG-77 - first impressions

Postby G4RMT » Mon Aug 14, 2017 7:10 pm

I put together a quick intro but got a bit carried away on the stupid power supply.

The radio is ok, but unremarkable - but easily worth the money and does seem to cover both slots, unlike the 55 - it hears the same things as the RT-82 - but does need the right cc and slot entering - there doesn't seem any promiscuous mode yet. Good points are a solid interface, no issues on Windows 8 or old XP and vista - and no messing with comm ports. The only real annoyance was a weird double beep when pushing buttons - distortion and a kind of occasional double click to the beeping. Audio, compared to the RT-82 is a bit think - but easily loud enough. Dropping it three times just pings the battery pack off, but no lasting damage. Display looks like one of the old liquid crystal ones - that can't be right? can it? It does mean that when the backlight goes out, the display is still visible.

It's just strange - it has no amazing features, and is just a solid, not too large radio that doesn't cost much. I'm not interested in amateur use, so cannot comment on how it works on world wide systems, but the programming seems very similar.

What really got me was that the charger is a USB type charger - two flat pins, and a USB output. Supplied USB to DC cable connects to the same adaptor as my TYT MD-380 - which will also charge this battery, even though the battery connectors are a slightly different design. Round instead of square.

However to do this, it puts out 12V, not 5V. Not an adaptor to leave laying around where your wife could try to charge a phone or other device expecting 5V!

I'm also getting very miffed with Chinese products turning up with deathdaptors - where you can stick the two pin plug in, leaving one of the pins outside. I've got first hand experience of how this hurts when somebody used one in a theatre to connect up a moving head on a lighting bar - using a two pin IEC lead that came with a foreign light - to get it into a 13A socket. It didn't work, so I wondered if the plug was in properly and I stood on tip-toes and put my hand up to about 8ft - and made contact with the dangling pin that was live! Luckily, being on tip toes, meant when I got zapped, I dropped and broke the circuit. Since then I really hate these things - and they're clearly dangerous things for anyone to play with. The non-standard USB is silly too. The radio, though - is fine.

So forgive the slant to the video - but many people who will buy these are NOT experienced users.
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Re: Radioddity DG-77 - first impressions

Postby gmanbelfast » Wed Aug 16, 2017 8:42 am

Can you add more than 16 Channels to a Scan List ?

This has been the killer for me on all my DMR Radios.
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Re: Radioddity DG-77 - first impressions

Postby lars » Thu Aug 17, 2017 8:12 am

"However to do this, it puts out 12V, not 5V. Not an adaptor to leave laying around where your wife could try to charge a phone or other device expecting 5V!"

I believe this is more common than might be expected. A lot of consumer devices will charge on 12V or even 20V through an ordinary micro-USB. A decent power supply is supposed to be able to adjust the voltage according to the capabilities of the thing being charged, but that sounds like magic to me.
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