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Re: DMR MD380 Reception Boost - Help.

Postby iScottybotty » Wed Dec 20, 2017 1:06 pm

Thanks again warlock01.

I actually use a makeshift “scanner” version of the TYT in that I find the signal using a UV-5R then transfer the frequency into the TYT.

The MD380tools I’ve loaded onto the TYT uses Promiscuous Mode, enabling the handset to monitor all talkgrouos including private calls. The tools has recently been updated with a Colour Code Scan too meaning once I have the “hit”, I no longer have to scan for the correct CC as the firmware tells me what it is. Once I have the CC, I program an RX only channel with the frequency/ CC and Slot (inprogram the same frequency twice, onc for Tier/ Slot 1, the other for Tier/Slot 2 and hey presto.

I can’t however decode encrypted comms which I believe a dongle could but I’m not really fussed about that to be honest.

My scan range is 440 thru to around 467 missing out 450-453. The one particular base I wanted is in the 443 band and I’m happy to say I can pick that up now with this new aerial. That said, again, there’s lots of signals around here I’d like to listen too.

I am really interested though in the amp you recommended. Having had a look it sounds awesome. Just one question, if I was to get one, specifically for scanning 440-467, where should the switch be, a, b or c.

Thanks again!
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