Radioddity/ Baofeng RD-5R (scanning use).

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Radioddity/ Baofeng RD-5R (scanning use).

Postby iScottybotty » Mon Apr 09, 2018 5:35 pm

Hi all,

So today I found on the Radioddity page what seems to be the new Baofeng RD-5R, it’s main difference from the previous DM-5R Plus I understand it’s now truly Tier II compatible.

Link here, my apologies if I shouldn’t have posted, moderator please remove if I’ve broken any rules. ... cable.html

Anyway, my question is... the UV-5R (analogue model) has a scanning facility, the user can manually input a frequency, hit the direction and then scan. As we know, once a signal is received the unit will stop. I believe this is VFO mode via the VFO/MR button.

Now, does anyone know whether this new model does the same on digital. So, if this new unit is on digital mode (or VFO mode but with digital selected somewhere, assuming it has the ability to scan in DMR) will it allow the entry of a manual frequency, scan and when a DMR signal is received, will it stop and then... the big question... will it display the TG and CC?

I’m wondering whether there is actually any benefit to getting one of these over my MD380 with promiscuous. Right now I’m using a makeshift method provided by “Radiosification” on his channel, using a UV5R to scan and find the DMR noise on analogue, then transferring that found frequency to the MD380 to then use NETMON to find the correct CC then, going forward, on with promiscuous etc.

It’s a long way to do things, which “on the fly” the new RD5R could become handy but I see little use unless, like the MD380 with the correct FW, the new unit displays CC’s and TG’s???

Finally, is this another unit where the same frequency has to be entered twice, one for each slot (MD380 method), or is it capeable of “following” a conversation using just one channel? (Presuming it’s on the correct TG). Again, without Promiscuous, for those interested in listening to Stadiums for example with various TG’s, would users undoubtably have to manually programme the same frequency etc on multiple channels with each individual Talkgroup they choose to listen too?

Nice radio I suppose for those not interested in scanning, I asknowledge the radio isn’t designed for scanning, but that said, I wonder whether it could be a very basic, noobie DMR scanning entry level alternative to my dream “Whistler”, at least for now.

Feedback, thoughts are much appreciated.
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